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Parquet by Neisha Crosland

HM Signature Collection

Bold and striking with a celtic-inspired motif, this award-winning collection is a firm favourite with architects and stylists worldwide. The oversized geometric pattern embodies Neisha Crosland’s contemporary style, whilst the eclectic palette lends itself to a variety of looks and spaces.


Other Neisha Crosland designs

Following the success of Neisha Crosland’s stunning Parquet flooring, we’ve collaborated with the textiles artist once again to bring you her contemporary ‘Check’ design.

  • Reminiscent of Neisha’s signature style, the individual Check tiles create a striking geometric pattern when laid. Beautiful to look at and incredibly durable, they’re perfect for any home or commercial space.
  • The design is available in a palette of 4 distinctive colours: Camomile, Flint, Slate & Graphite. Like Parquet, the shades have been designed to harmonise with other flooring from our Signature Collection, and can be mixed-and-matched to create a unique bespoke floor.
See the Check design

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