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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you’re looking to get a bit creative and add an even more stylish dimension to your Harvey Maria floor, adding a border or creating a zone is the perfect way to achieve a stunning designer look. We’ve created a beautiful range of collections that complement each other perfectly, which means that designing a bespoke floor for your space is simple.

Lattice in Hellebore with Premium Wood in Sawn Oak

purple flooring with wood effect in hallway

As well as rooms established by the structure of your house, it’s often the case that areas of your home are split naturally into ‘zones’ - children may seem to enjoy playing at one end of the living room, for example, or perhaps you’ve dedicated your dining area to the sunniest part of the kitchen.

Lattice Hellebore View Floor
Sawn Oak View Floor

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Lattice in Pear Tree with Premium Wood in Reclaimed Pine

green designer vinyl tiles with wood effect border

Either room-to-room or in a single multi-functional space, a Harvey Maria floor can help you to turn these zones into a gorgeous design using a combination of complementary floor coverings, giving your home a luxuriously custom-made feel.

Lattice Pear Tree View Floor
Reclaimed Pine View Floor

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Lattice in Cornflower Blue with Little Bricks in Forget-Me-Not

blue designer flooring an a bathroom

In larger bathrooms, creating a zone using geometric vinyl flooring with complementary floor tiles is more hygienic and easier to keep clean than a traditional rug, adding an eye-catching feature and bringing the space together for a polished and stylish finish. Stylist Sian Astley from Morgeous combined Lattice Cornflower Blue and Little Bricks Forget-Me-Not in this beautifully bright bathroom.

Cornflower Blue View Floor
Forget-Me-Not View Floor

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Parquet in Charcoal with Premium Wood in Lamp Black

designer floor with black wood effect border

Add a touch of subtle drama to your patterned floor with a border in a complementary colour or wood effect tile. Neisha Crosland’s Parquet in Charcoal looks stunning when enhanced with a border of Lamp Wood.

Parquet Charcoal View Floor
Lamp Wood View Floor

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Lattice in Pebble Grey with Little Bricks in Steel

grey floor border in a kitchen

Zoning is a clever and stylish way to give a sense of purpose to open plan spaces, creating a more dynamic look. Dee Hardwicke’s Lattice design in Pebble Grey and our Little Bricks tile in Steel make a gorgeous combination - the perfect solution for a joint kitchen and dining space.

Pebble Grey View Floor
Steel View Floor

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Lattice Hay Field with Premium Wood Antique Oak

cream floor zone with wood border
Lattice Hay Field View Floor
Antique Oak View Floor

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Parquet in Red Oxide with Premium Wood in Sawn Oak

red designer flooring with wood border

Borders and zoning can also be combined, with a plain or wood effect border creating a link between two patterned spaces. This is a seamless way to make the decor of your home really flow, particularly if the design passes over a connecting landing or hallway.

Parquet Red Oxide View Floor
Sawn Oak View Floor

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Rose Sprig in White with Premium Wood in Reclaimed Pine

floral vinyl tile with wood border

Pairing dainty Rose Sprig by Cath Kidston with a beautiful wood effect tile creates an authentic vintage look, and makes a stunning centrepiece for a charming kitchen! Just add bunting, cupcakes and a vase of fresh flowers for a country-style flourish.

Rose Sprig White View Floor
Reclaimed Pine View Floor

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Premium Wood in Sawn Oak

vinyl oak effect plank zoning pattern

The borders and zoning you choose can be as dramatic or subtle as suits your style. Here, Sawn Oak from our Premium Wood Plank collection has been laid in two different patterns, showcasing a beautifully understated zoning technique.

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Colours Collection in Jet Black & Latte White with a border of Jet Black

checkerboard and black border

A beautiful border can also work well with a checkerboard design to really make it stand out. Jet Black and Latte White are the perfect choices for creating a classic retro look, but why not check out our Checkerboard Flooring page for loads of ideas and stylish combinations?

Latte White View Floor
Jet Black View Floor

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Harvey Maria flooring is both stunning and extremely practical.

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