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Blue & White Vinyl Floor Tiles

Blue white checkerboard flooring

Treat your home to a twist of classic design with a checkerboard patterned floor from Harvey Maria. The perfect way to brighten up your home, Frosty Blue from our Colours collection creates a splash of bold colour, whilst Latte White reflects light for a clean and bright space.

Frosty Blue View Floor
Latte White View Floor

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Classic Black & White Checkered Vinyl Flooring

black and white checkerboard floor

Jet Black and Latte White are the ideal choice for transforming your home with a classic retro look. Bring the 1950s to your kitchen with bold and bright accessories, or stick to monochrome accents for a touch of minimalist drama.

Jet Black View Floor
Latte White View Floor

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black and white bathroom flooring

A simple black and white checkered vinyl flooring also works brilliantly in a classic Victorian-style bathroom or super stylish modern bathroom. Combine black and white vinyl floor tiles with sophisticated fixtures and accessories to complete a timeless look.

Jet Black View Floor
Latte White View Floor

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Purple & Blue Checkerboard Vinyl Flooring

Purple blue checkerboard

Don’t limit yourself to a white background for your checkerboard! Wisteria & Mountbatten Blue from the Colours Collection make a fun and creative alternative that is the perfect centrepiece for a children’s bedroom or playroom.

Wisteria View Floor

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Greyscale Metallic Checkered Vinyl Flooring Tiles

vinyl checkerboard flooring in black and white and grey

For a unique twist on classic monochrome checkered vinyl flooring, why not introduce a third shade to create a contemporary greyscale effect? Here, interior stylist Marisa Daly chose three tiles from our Urban Colours Collection to add depth and interest to her gingham-inspired bathroom.

Shimmering Black View Floor
Brilliant White View Floor
Gunmetal View Floor

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Yellow & White Diamond Checkerboard Vinyl Floor Tiles

yellow white checkerboard floor

You could even dare to be different and experiment with laying patterns and designs. Suzie from London has chosen a diagonal diamond pattern for her charming Yellow and Latte White floor, which cleverly draws the eye across the room, making her cosy kitchen appear more spacious! These hardwearing 12 x 12 inch tiles also work fabulously well as Utility Room Floors.

Yellow View Floor
Latte White View Floor

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Checkered Vinyl Flooring with a Border

checkerboard and black border

Checkerboard patterns can also be combined with a beautiful border to really make them stand out, like in this Jet Black and Latte White floor. For more inspiration, check out our Zoning/Borders page where you’ll find loads of stylish ideas.

Latte White View Floor
Jet Black View Floor

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