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A little bit more about Harvey Maria...

Back in 1994, floors were neglected spaces. Walked over, trampled on and generally kicked around, they were simply the poor relations of the interiors world.

But we saw floors as a great design opportunity and set out to create something new and vibrant; something that would breathe new life into rooms all over the home. We wanted to wave goodbye to dull, boring and mundane floor covering and replace it with funky, fun and fresh adornment.

We began in the back bedroom of a house in Battersea together with a loveable, live-wire dog called Harvey. And as you’ve probably guessed, it was Harvey who gave the company its name.

Our initial quirky and bold handmade collections, produced on cork floor tiles, quickly established the Harvey Maria reputation for individual and innovative floor design. In fact, we built up something of a cult following with our loyal customers who would come to the house to collect their floors. Well we’ve moved on a bit since those days.

Without being too boastful, Harvey Maria flooring is now known for great product design and innovation, and we ship our floors all over the world. We’re sure that's because we mix fantastic looks and great personality (that’s the flooring, not us) with practicality, resilience and versatility.

A world away from our early experimental creations, Harvey Maria flooring is now tough enough to use in the most demanding spaces. That means bathrooms, bedrooms, and heavily used areas like porches, hallways and kitchens. And you’re now equally likely to see our floors adorning the interiors of busy shops, offices and hotels.

And we're not resting on our laurels. The recent partnerships with some of Britain's best loved designers have added a little extra glamour to our collection (and allowed us to meet some of our design heroes!), while the inclusion of three new rubber ranges has been embraced by the softies among you who prefer a little extra pampering underfoot.

Speaking of great partnerships, there's no better endorsement than the wonderful photos you send us every day. And our customer photo gallery means that sharing the joy of great flooring has never been easier. We always knew our customers were a creative bunch, but have found ourselves overwhelmed by your inspiring pictures again and again. It's a bit of a motto here that floors should take centre stage and be as much a part of an interior scheme as the walls and furniture, and you've really shown us how.

Let's hear it for great floors everywhere!


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