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Signature  Collections: Coordinated Color Palettes

Three sumptuous palettes of coordinated colors for you to choose a flooring plan that works in perfect harmony with your interior space. And with a versatile collection of coordinated wood designs and plain colors, you really can create a flooring layout that's designed uniquely for you.

Blues to Greens


A calming palette of neutral tones designed to work together, including plain colours, beautiful woods and crafted patterns in a range of subtle tones. For a simple effect, go with a single colour from our Little Bricks collection, or combine with a neutral designer pattern. See the floor colour palette.

Blues to Greens


Fresh blues and greens always look fabulous on a floor. The subtle shades in the designer collections will lift the mood of any room. The natural hues of green and blue always look great in combination with a wood design. See the colour palette.

Blues to Greens


Earthy reds have always been natural colours for a floor, bringing warmth, character and charm to a room. Combine rich woods with the deep reds and violet of the designer patterns and solid colours of the Little Bricks. See the floor colour palette.

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