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Black and White Checkered Vinyl Flooring

Combine classic design with a monochrome palette - black and white chequered vinyl flooring is wonderfully versatile and can suit almost any space. From classic 1950s retro to sophisticated and contemporary, there's a black and white checkerboard look that's perfect for your home.

Simple black and white checkered vinyl tiles will always look beautiful, but you can also look at adding other monochrome elements to add depth and interest to your space. Here, interior stylist Marisa Daly has chosen Black, White & Silver tiles from our Urban Colours collection to create a gingham-inspired oversized checkerboard look that adds life to a smaller bathroom.

Expand your palette with monochrome tones

Bathrooms are often the home’s smallest room, which is a brilliant excuse to ‘go big’ on design. Stylist Marisa Daly used Luxury Vinyl Tiles from our Urban Collection to create large-scale gingham patterned bathroom flooring, giving a contemporary vibe to a more traditional print. For more ideas & inspiration, see our Checkerboard Flooring page.

In this grand and sophisticated hallway, a classic black and white checkered vinyl floor is complemented by luxurious furnishings that make a stunning first impression. Vinyl tiles are incredibly hard-wearing and easy to keep clean, which makes them the perfect choice for a demanding entrance hall.