So far it’s been a year of new beginnings. I’ve recently joined the lovely team here at Harvey Maria which is extremely exciting, as there are lots to do and lots of fabulous new projects to talk about – please watch this space…Potting Shed Before

I have also left my beloved Brighton & moved to the country with my boyfriend and 2 small children. We have many projects – which we seem to enjoy starting all at once – but our most pressing is to create a garden guest bedroom out of what was once the potting shed. We knew that we wanted the room to be cosy, and like the rest of the house, reflect its immediate surroundings – we are nestled within the South Downs – so we find ourselves constantly inspired and influenced by organic colours and rustic texture.

Our first difficult decision was to choose the right type of flooring, as currently, we’ve just got a rather dirty concrete floor. Our instinct was wood planks, but everything we looked at came up too thick and would make shutting the door impossible. It was also important to choose a floor that is sustainable and has a low environmental impact – both inside and out. The floor also needs to be warm, stand up to muddy boots and most importantly look natural – phew!

Hallway renovation vinyl wood planks

Taking a look at Harvey Maria’s Natural Plank designs was the obvious choice. They’ve been beautifully crafted to look and feel like real wood. The embossed ‘natural wood’ texture follows the grain, but these planks are only 2.5mm thick. We chose Tawn for laid-back vibes – take a look at the range here.

We’re now in the process of prepping the concrete floor and deciding on walls – bare brick or tongue & groove? Will keep you posted…