“I love my new floor! It looks so amazing, and everyone who’s seen it thinks it’s real wood! The best bit is that it’s really practical and easy to clean. And the textured surface gives a lovely 3D effect, which really highlights the wood grain. It’s transformed the look and feel of our kitchen and compliments the kitchen units perfectly. Harvey Maria were recommended to us and we’re delighted with the result!” Sarah from Steatham, London

We thought Sarah’s kitchen looked simply stunning with our Aged Oak flooring design, so we sent round a professional photographer and used these gorgeous photos in our brochure and on the website. We hope you like them too!

Thanks to Nicola Burt @finishingtouchl for doing such a wonderful job designing the kitchen interior!

Oak effect grain detail

The authenticity and detail of the grain and texture make the Harvey Maria wood effect floors perfect for modern functional living while maintaining a classic look.

This photo is at the beginning of our lovely new brochure. Quite an introduction, we’re sure you’ll agree. Order Free Samples here and get a free brochure too!

Brochure introductory page with beautiful kitchen photo