From the pure whites of Wimbledon to the bright hues of the Rio Olympics, celebrate the amount of sport on offer this summer by bringing the outdoors into your home!

Fantastically fun, our glorious photo-realistic Meadow Green vinyl flooring is perfect for adding a touch of the great outdoors to interiors, whilst giving you a chance to show off your tennis whites (from the comfort of your own home)! Or why not opt for our beautiful Lattice design by Dee Hardwicke? The nature-inspired motif looks brilliant in a range of interior spaces.

collage of lattice pattern floors with wooden borders

The tough, easy-clean top surface ensures our grass vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to maintain and super durable too, making it perfect for stylish stadiums of all shapes and sizes.

green sparkle vinyl tile with tennis gear

Create your own on-trend locker room by taking inspiration from retro sports memorabilia, the perfect complement to our Meadow Green floor tiles.

Not forgetting today’s lived-in trainers – the definition of sports chic!