Spring is now upon us, a time where we start opening up our homes as the sunlight pours in, ready to entertain guests and create memories. Luxury flooring is a part of the renovation process many choose to invest in, as it is designed to last. With simple maintenance, your floor can be enjoyed for years to come, making it the perfect choice for busy family living and one of the reasons our customers love it for all areas of their homes. Today’s blog will be looking at ideas for keeping your Luxury Vinyl Flooring squeaky clean this spring season and beyond, as well as finishing with a handy checklist of our top tips…


Protecting your brand new floor

After ordering your free samples and choosing from our variety of designer and trending floor collections, it’s time to start thinking about how to protect your brand new floor. After your floor has been fitted and the adhesive dried for at least 24 hours, you can begin to unbox your FloorSpa kit. Our FloorSpa kit has been designed for long term peace of mind, containing all the essential elements to easily care for your flooring for years to come. This season is all about pattern and colour, with colour positivity at the forefront of our interior choices to represent more carefree and joyful living. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your vibrant designs looking their best. The first step of the process is to sweep the floor, ensuring any loose dirt is removed. Spot any leftover residue? This is where the scrub solution comes in – follow the instructions leaving it for 10 minutes before mopping away and applying the cleanse.

blue patterned floor tiles in modern rustic panelled hallway


The already slip-resistant, watertight and tough top surface makes our LVT flooring a more premium and practical choice than old fashioned cushion or roll lino. The next step is key to maintaining your floor even further from day one – applying the protect top dressing which adds an extra protection satin finish. This is especially important in high-footfall areas of the home such as kitchens as it protects your floor further from spillages or scratches. 

Don’t fret if you’ve forgotten to add the FloorSpa kit to your order – it’s available to buy separately on the clean and care section of our website.


Deep clean for spring

As much as we love the sunshine, the dreaded spring clean is something not many look forward to! With an LVT floor it doesn’t have to be so tricky, so why not take it as an opportunity to reimagine your interior space for the new season. From time to time, a deeper clean will revitalise your floor and improve its durability. Simply put on some uplifting music, follow the steps of our FloorSpa kit and carefully clean away any build-up of dirt. Once you’re left with a refreshed floor, take inspiration from our daily Instagram updates or blog posts to create your own style and decorate with complementary colours, taking inspiration from the versatile ways our collections can be styled to suit a variety of on-trend interior schemes. Setting aside time for a deep clean of your floor means that day-to-day it will need little maintenance, just regular light sweeping and cleansing, and utilising the handy scrub pad to remove any occasional scuff marks. This means you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your floor.

brown and white chequerboard kitchen lvt


Our top tips checklist 

  1. Opt for good quality, non-staining entrance mats such as Turtlemats to help capture dirt and grit before it gets onto the floor, making cleaning easier whilst also protecting the floor. Especially important in rooms that open up to the garden, or entranceways to the home.
  2. Use furniture pads to prevent damage from heavy or sharp objects – you’ll find a selection in the FloorSpa kit. Avoid dragging heavy or sharp items across the floor.
  3. Regularly sweep the floor to remove any loose dirt and reduce the risk of scratching.
  4. Occasionally mop with the Cleanse solution or other pH neutral floor cleaner to keep your tiles fresh and sparkly.
  5. Avoid using regular household cleaners and bleach-based detergents – they may damage the floor or cause a slip hazard.
  6. Follow the care recommendations and you’ll be rewarded with a floor that looks as great as the day it was fitted.

stone bathroom flooring modern fresh bathroom

Keeping your floor pristine – what to avoid

Flooring is a long-term investment that you’ll want to enjoy for years to come as it can transform the style and feel of your home. There are a few things you can avoid in order to keep your premium floor pristine. Certain rubberised products may cause staining from oxidisation when in long-term contact with the floor, so instead we recommend using only non-staining rubber products such as mats available from Turtlemat. We don’t generally recommend steam cleaners as the excessive heat can affect the adhesive and/or damage the tile. Take care with vacuums that have sharp edges – always check your vacuum is suitable. In areas of prolonged sunlight such as south-facing conservatories, use shading to protect the floor from discolouration. Any spillages should be mopped up as they occur and thoroughly cleaned to prevent staining.

decorative lattice hallway floor tiles with summer plants and cream wallsIf you have any further questions do get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to advise you further. 

Conscious Design

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to us all. We are starting to choose products and materials that improve our indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste and we are always looking at ways in which we can invest in products and production processes that are more sustainable.  Our floors are designed to be incredibly durable and long-lasting, meaning they have fewer environmental implications. All our floors are easy to clean using a minimum amount of water and no harmful chemicals, ensuring minimal impact on the environment throughout their life. You can read more about our commitment to the environment here.

wood lvt with yellow chair

Why choose Harvey Maria?

Our skilled British Design team have been creating innovative collections of high-quality flooring for over 25 years. Our Luxury Vinyl Floors are designed to withstand the demands of busy modern homes and commercial spaces without compromising on style. We’re passionate about providing the best customer service and our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. We are constantly inspired by the stories of our customers and how they have transformed their homes with a whole new look patterned floor or authentic wood design. Looking for more inspiration? Follow us on Instagram for daily updates, or explore our inspiration pages to find your perfect hallway, bathroom or kitchen floor (and many more!).