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Introducing our new signature collection

We simply love designing floors. From contemporary Parquet to cheery Meadow Grass, it’s safe to say that Harvey Maria designs have been pretty varied over the years. And while we've been making floors look fabulous, we've also learned a lot about how our customers (that's you!) like to choose their floors.

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09th Oct 15

dark grey patterned flooring lvt

So, as part of our continuing crusade to put flooring centre stage, we’ve created the co-ordinated ‘Signature Collection’ – designed to revolutionise how we think about floors!

And while each design in the Signature Collection works beautifully as a stand-alone floor, they’re equally at home in combination with other designs from the same coordinated colour palette. It makes choosing a floor a more personal and rewarding experience. Combining bestselling favourites with stunning new colours and patterns, the collection has three main components.

Little Bricks

A brand new range of plain, brick-shaped vinyl tiles that are the hub of the Signature collection. Based on encaustic tiles of the Victorian period, Little Bricks have been coloured to complement the shades found in our Designer ranges.

blue bricks lvt flooring with sideboard

Premium wood

If Little Bricks are the hub of the Signature range, then Premium Woods are the glue. Each plank’s grain and tone has been specially produced to complement both the Designer and Little Bricks collections, making them totally unique.

modern white bathroom with rustic wood effect lvt planks


The Designer Collections have been extended with stunning new colours, and we have added an entirely new design: Dee Hardwicke’s Lattice. Ultimately, between Dee, Cath Kidston and Neisha Crosland, you have the opportunity fill your home with the best that British Design has to offer.

lattice patterned lvt flooring in cosy cottage kitchen

Choosing your Harvey Maria floor

And just to make it even easier, we’ve generated some tools to help you create your perfect flooring combinations! Firstly, we developed three distinctive colour palettes based on the tones of the Little Bricks collection. To these colour palettes, we have added fans of complementary products from our designer and Premium Wood collections, creating a visual display of the different combinations that could work for your home.

Using the palettes and fans as inspiration, we’ve been able to create examples of complementary products in real room settings, as well as specially produced graphic images to help you visualise different combinations in your own space.

Finally, we’ve developed examples suggesting different ways to use our Signature collections to unify your floor space for a truly bespoke design. Creating ‘zones’ using different floors from the same palette is a clever and stylish way to give a sense of purpose to open plan spaces, resulting in a more dynamic look. A plain or wood effect border can create a link between two different rooms, making it so simple for your decor to flow seamlessly through your entire home.

And that’s it, really! A simple philosophy of design in development, providing you with the most contemporary collection of pattern and colour available today.