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Our latest design partner Dee Hardwicke joins the Harvey Maria team

Over the last year or so, we have been working on a new designer collaboration and are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dee Hardwicke.

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27th Jun 15

headshot of dee hardwicke designer and artist

Dee is a mixed-media artist who is endlessly inspired by the natural landscape – each season bringing a fresh palette of colours, textures, patterns, and exciting new ideas. “My sketchbooks are filled with drawings, watercolours, pressed leaves and flowers”, she says. “And it’s often the tiniest of details that plants the seed of a design”. Based in her hometown of Monmouth on the Welsh border, Dee works with a variety of materials including clay, paper and wool to produce a unique set of products featuring her designs. Her desire is to create art that is both functional and beautiful to look at, which led her to the door of Harvey Maria.

Dee’s gorgeous Lattice design was originally inspired by the petals of small flowers that had scattered amongst the grass of a field that lay along a path near her home. “It was the delicacy of these little flowers and the rhythmic pattern that they made on the grassy field”, Dee explains. “The colours of the surrounding fields, gardens, allotments, and lush covered mountains inspired the Lattice colour palette”.
Lattice by Dee Hardwicke is available now in six stunning colours: Cherry Red, Hellebore, Cornflower Blue, Hayfield, Pebble Grey, and Pear Tree Green.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring with book