Celebrating the appeal of natural stone in a durable and hardwearing underfoot surface, meet our new Organics vinyl floor tile collection. A unique collection of luxury vinyl tiles, Organics displays the natural characteristics of stone, beautifully translated to the surface of this tough material to bring long-lasting style to the home. Available in two versatile designs, Organics Stone and Organics Edge & Square, the tiles are offered in a choice of four neutral colours, from the cool hues of Natural and Jurassic Stone to the warming shade of Portland. Each palette is designed to effortlessly complement one another, allowing the flexibility to install as a single uniform surface or in a distinctive mix-and-match pattern.

cambrian stone vinyl floor

When it comes to the benefits of vinyl tiles, unlike natural stone flooring – which is prone to staining, cracking and chipping – the Organics collection is hardwearing, easy to maintain and warm underfoot, making it the ideal floor covering for high footfall areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Offering an impressive 25-year guarantee, Organics will not only create a flooring surface that looks just like the real material but also delivers on day-to-day practicality for a floor that will impress for years to come.

patterned stone effect vinyl floor in kitchen


“Organics was inspired by nature and the minimalism of postmodern architecture and furniture. It has been designed to be reassuringly recognisable but at the same time, contemporary and original. Pattern and colour are carried seamlessly through the collection allowing the user multiple combination opportunities. Or perhaps they might find beauty in the singularity of something quite simple”.


organics stone jurassic floor tile

organics portland stone vinyl floor