This month we’ve caught up with the fabulous Old Fashioned Susie to give us the lowdown on her blogger life! A lover of all things vintage and an eye for detail, Susie also recently unveiled her new hallway featuring our Neisha Crosland vinyl Check tiles! Read on to get to know Susie a little better…

We love your blog, what inspired you to first start blogging?

When I first started my blog in 2010 it was a way of making connections with people. I’d just moved house and had a baby, so my life felt isolated at times. I wanted to connect with people with similar interests to me and in similar positions in their lives.

Describe your style in three words?

Eclectic but timeless.

green velvet sofa

Your home is beautiful, where do you look to for home inspiration?

I find home inspiration all over the place. Some of it is from films I love, some might be from stately homes I’ve visited or hotels.  I love going to my friends’ homes as they are great reflections of their personalities and often might’ve solved similar problems to my own with the house.

What is your favourite interiors trend at the moment and do you have any tips for how to use it in the home?

I still think plants are the biggest thing to happen to interiors since the seventies. People are really making space in their homes for plants and even designing their rooms around them. This is set to continue into 2018.

check vinyl floor tiles

What’s your next interior project at home?

We are right in the middle of sorting our staircase out at the moment and it is one of the worst jobs we’ve done. It’s so fiddly and slow. Sanding, paint stripping and all that jazz. But hopefully it will look great and the Harvey Maria tiles will look even better next to it than they already do!

What interior item/items are currently at the very top of your wish list?

It’s more about re-modelling than actual objects/items for me at the moment. I’d love to sort our loft out and the space under the stairs!

wooden chair in conservatory

What is your absolute favourite room in your home (and why)?

It’s my living room. I have my gorgeous green velvet corner sofa in there, lots of plants, beautiful light streaming through sliding doors onto the garden and it’s where I do most of my writing too.

What’s next for Old Fashioned Susie in 2018?

I’ve a few things up my sleeve, a couple of personal projects I want to share on the blog. More writing in other places too and of course lots more inspiration from my home!

check slate vinyl tile in hallway