Last month the wonderfully eclectic Old Fashioned Susie unveiled her new hallway on her blog, complete with our Neisha Crosland Check vinyl floor tiles, and doesn’t it look fab! Read on to find out what she had to say about our gorgeous floor tiles…

check slate vinyl floor in hallway

“I can’t believe this is our floor. It has the timeless looks of the Victorian chequerboard floors, but with the modern durability of Harvey Maria’s luxury vinyl tiles. … It’s so bold, but it really makes this small space become somewhere; a destination, not just a thoroughfare.”

check lsate vinyl hallway

“The toughness of the tiles was actually tested recently when a tradesman dropped one of his tools on the floor, he panicked, but there were no marks or any damage of any kind!”

check vinl floor tile

Stylish? Tick. Durable? Tick. The Neisha Crosland Check collection really does offer you the best of both worlds. With its classic design and hardwearing nature, why not pop over to our website and order your free sample?