1. Leaves! As the trees turn from green to gorgeous tones or red and burnt orange, we‘re really get that autumn feeling!

Front of a house with trees outside

2. Hot drinks… think tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine! After a summer spent sipping nothing but Aperol Spritz it’s nice to be able to curl up with a mug of something warm.

coffee pouring into a cup

3. Talking of something warm… as the temperature drops, it’s time to begin lighting fires again!

fireplace with basket

4. Bonfire night! Sparklers, fireworks and toffee apples, autumn would not be autumn without bonfire night!

smores with sparkler

5. Wellies! Now that we’ve well and truly packed our sandals away for the winter, it’s time to start embracing our wellies again.

wellies in corridoor

6. Comfort food! From shepherd’s pie to beef wellington, autumn is a time when you can hibernate and enjoy feasting on warming dishes!

autumn soup recipe
7. Blankets! Finally, the return of the blanket! Gone are the nights of sleeping on top of the duvet, and finding the cool side of the pillow. Now, we can rejoice in the fact that blankets are back to keep us toasty warm.

cosy autumn blanket holding coffee
8. The great outdoors… full of russet red leaves, dog in tow and ripe autumn berries! What’s better than an autumnal day in the countryside?!

autumn trees in park
9. For us, another event we look forward to this season is Halloween. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, no matter whether you’re young or old, Halloween can be enjoyed by all.

autumn pumpkins in basket
10. Countdown to Christmas! As the shops begin to unveil their Christmas goodies, we can’t help but get a little bit excited at the thought of the imminent festive season!

christmas tree

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