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School flooring with unique designs

We’ve been working closely with Eleanor Palmer Primary School in Camden, and have just completed our third floor for the school.

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07th Oct 14

lvt flooring in school with pupils and teacher

Unlike the other commercial flooring projects we’ve been involved in, the school floor design selection for the junior block was subject to the full democratic process. And an election was held involving political parties polling booths, a ballot box, a Presiding Officer, poll clerks and tellers!

Head-teacher Kate Frood: “We knew we wanted to hold an election; to teach the children about democracy and to build an early sense of civic duty and citizenship – but who to vote for? We decided we needed to vote for something, not someone. We needed a new floor in our junior block and, after the success of our ‘London A-Z’ floor, we decided to go back to Harvey Maria to see what styles they had that might capture the children’s imagination. There were masses! After lots of discussions we narrowed the choice to the ‘Pebbles’, ‘Meadow’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’ parties. And now in consultation with the winning Pebble party, Harvey Maria has added a huge central ‘splash’ of water tiling, with small splashes radiating outwards. It looks amazing!”

The election day was a huge success and local Labour MP, Frank Dobson, unveiled the winning design on the first day of term, also hailing Eleanor Palmer as “the school with amazing floors.”

As all our floors are 100% waterproof, slip-resistant and hardwearing – in practical terms, any design is ideally suited for school flooring. The student’s unanimous decision to go for our ‘Pebbles’ photo effect tile was a fantastic outcome and we put our heads together to create something unique and really exciting for them.

So calling all Architects and Interior Designers. If you want to create a bit of a splash with your flooring projects, you can order Trade samples of our standard designs by visiting our website. Alternatively, if you want a bespoke A-Z floor or other design of your choice please contact us.

school children with new lvt flooring and MP