As we ease back into a slice of normality and sunnier days begin to return, we’re starting to think about starting fresh plans for our interiors ready for the summer months. The summertime always signifies a new chapter for how we use our homes, with many of us using it as a time to begin socialising, pottering around in our gardens and creating a fresh atmosphere. Today’s blog will be taking a look at some of our trend predictions for the summer season, giving you inspiration for your next project.
neutral patterned flooring utility room

  • Pastel tones 

As we emerge from lockdown, many of us are looking forward to adding in a pop of colour to refresh our interior spaces. Inspired by natural tones of the spring and summer seasons, pastel shades are set to be a big trend for 2021. The great thing about this trend is that it can be easily achieved through styling with textiles against neutrals and by adding fresh or dried flowers to your decor. Lattice Mist (pictured below) is a great example of a neutral design that will easily blend with a variety of interior colour palettes including pastels, making it a suitable choice for ever-evolving interior styles.

lattice patterned bathroom flooring with luxury handwash and blossom


  • Personalised side-table styling 

The video-sharing app Tiktok grew significantly during lockdown, with users now utilising the platform to share their love for interiors. One big trend currently is sharing your side-table style, as many see it as a reflection of your personality. Either opt for a minimalist approach with a feature table lamp or maybe add in some of your favourite decor pieces that reflect the aesthetic of your interior.

little greene wallpaper chequered floorImage- Little Greene Paint Company featuring Heritage Squares in Stove Black & Linen White


  • Open-plan kitchens

As restrictions begin to ease, many are looking forward to when we can once again invite family and friends over to entertain. This has increased the desire for kitchens that are also multifunctional, serving as sociable areas at the heart of your home. All our floors are hard-wearing and easy to care for, making them a practical choice for busy areas. Plus, our patterned designs can really help create a statement look, giving a sense of space.

  • Bringing the outdoors in

After connecting more with nature this year, we’ve seen more and more unique ways to bring a slice of the outdoors into our homes. From nature-inspired palettes to bi-fold doors, we’re finding new ways to create spaces that flow seamlessly into our gardens.

check flint grey patterned tiles in sage green kitchen

  • Utilising our home-office space

Many of us have got creative with our home working spaces recently, and as home working continues after lockdown there is a real need for finding storage solutions as well as multifunctional spaces. Our floors look great when laid to create a rug effect – simply combine our patterned designs with an MSeries wood border to create zones within your home. Pattern can also be a great way to create a home office nook that inspires your creativity. You can read more about home-office styling here.


  • Interiors on the move

Van renovation is a great way to try out new interior styles and experiment with unique spaces. Not only can you visit new beautiful staycation spots, but do it all from the comfort of your home away from home. Our MSeries woods are a great choice to transform van spaces into cosy spots for adventures. To get more advice about this kind of project, feel free to email our team via


  • Sustainable Interiors

From upcycling to conscious consumption, we are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of our purchases. All Harvey Maria floor tiles are 100% recyclable and we reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible within the supply chain, therefore they have less of an impact on the environment. 


  • Cottagecore Aesthetic

Inspired by country houses and a more simple approach to life, connecting with nature around us, ‘cottagecore’ has become one of the most popular trends this year. With the summer months bringing together a lot of the inspiration for cottagecore such as floaty dresses and country walks, we are seeing this reflected in our interior choices. Expect a lot of mixing classical interior features with a contemporary edge for a modern-rustic look that perfectly fits in with this aesthetic, whether you actually live in a country home or want a slice of this lifestyle in your inner-city apartment.
meadow green patterned flooring

  • Statement Pieces

Whether you opt for on-trend statement furniture such as roll-top baths or velvet armchairs and want a flooring design that blends in seamlessly, or whether you want flooring to become the statement piece of your decor, we have a variety of flooring options from bold patterns to muted stone effect tiles.

  • Earthy Tones

We’re seeing more and more warm earthy tones used to blend against greys and whites to give a homely feel to existing interior spaces. These muted tones work well contrasted against patterned design. To easily replicate this trend, consider minimalist artwork and colour block feature walls.


Let us know which is your favourite trend for this season or which you’ve already taken inspiration from. Remember to follow us on Instagram for more home styling images and tag us in your photos using @harveymaria and the hashtag #MyHarveyMaria