‘Cottagecore’ is the aesthetic trend of the moment, taking social media by storm with over 6 billion views of videos tagged #cottagecore on Tiktok alone. Cottagecore is inspired by all things country living; taking a simpler approach to life and appreciating nature and the world around us, inspired by eras gone by. This trend emerged from the lockdown months where many of us led a more stripped back life and reconnected with activities such as walking in the country. As the summer months draw closer, the warmer weather is providing further inspiration for this aesthetic such as floaty dresses, countryside picnics and peaceful walks through daisy fields. However, we are also seeing this trend reflected in our interior spaces with our love for the modern-rustic interior growing. Today’s blog will be exploring the different ways you can create a cosy cottagecore feel within your home that will last for years to come.

1. Bring a sense of the outdoors in

Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or country cottage, bringing a sense of the outdoors in can be a great way to create that connection between your outdoor space and interior. This can be achieved through elements such as nature-inspired colour palettes, fresh or dried flowers and large windows for natural light. Our designer collaborations with Dee Hardwicke are inspired by the surroundings of her home in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales. Both the Lattice and Pattern collection boast a delicate floral motif, with an eclectic colour palette from soft pastels to deep warm tones.

meadow green conservatory flooring with patterned design for garden rooms

2. Eclectic and vintage crockery

We love mixing vintage and contemporary items to create an eclectic mix within spaces such as our kitchens. Consider key pieces such as retro coffee jugs, pastel and decorative plates and neutral textiles to add a rustic edge to a modern kitchen.
open plan kitchen breakfast bar

3. New ways to display dried flowers

Dried flowers have become increasingly popular again, a great way of repurposing fresh bouquets and fallen flowers found out on walks. Not only is this a great way to get the most use out of your flowers, but they also look beautiful too. Use wooden and metal baskets for a nostalgic feel, or pair alongside floral design such as our Pattern Ashen for a muted tone colour scheme.

ashen patterned grey floor tiles

4. Inspiring coffee table reads

Curating a collection of books that reflect your hobbies and interests with inspiring imagery is a great way to add to laid back cottagecore living. Reads such as Cereal travel and style magazine, the Little Book of Hygge and Rucksack magazine prove popular favourites for coffee table snaps on Instagram. Pictured below is our pick this month alongside our MSeries English Oak.
coffe table reads with english oak flooring

5. Natural textures

Our MSeries authentic wood collection features highly detailed wood effect floors that reflect the look and feel of real wood whilst being designed to meet the demands of busy modern-day homes. The easy to clean, ultra-realistic surface makes it a practical choice that adds an authentic feel reminiscent of country living to any space.

6. Made to last a lifetime

Cottagecore is often associated with vintage finds, repurposing furniture and reusing items to get more use out of them. All of our designs are made to last a lifetime – they’re easy to care for, durable and will look beautiful for years to come. This means they won’t need replacing as often as other flooring options such as laminate and sheet products. A perfect choice for anyone looking at where to invest in their next project.

modenr rustic blue kitchen with panelling patterned grey floor

7. Mid-19th century inspired design

Our Northmore collection features authentic patina, unique decorative pattern and heritage colour pigment inspired by mid-19th century encaustic tile design. These Victorian-inspired floor tiles have been reinterpreted to still give that prestigious style in a floor design that meets the demands of contemporary homes. Pictured below is Northmore Mortar.

neutral utility pantry flooring in cottage

8. Statement entranceways

Inspiring and inviting entranceways and doorways help to set the tone for our interior style. Many instagrammers have shared the entrances to their home that create an inviting feel in country village settings and renovated cottages as part of the cottagecore trend. Consider blending original features with statement contemporary floors for an eye-catching look such as our Dovetail design by celebrated designer Neisha Crosland. Pictured below is the new French Clay colourway.

9. Golden hour hues

Create a sense of warmth with golden lighting for the evenings to replicate the golden sun before dusk. The kitchen below has been styled with neutral tones such as the Lattice Seedpod floors, natural textures and warm lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

lattice seedpod kitchen flooring

10. The perfect shelfie

Repurposing and upcycling items to create storage, shelf and display space can be an effective way of blending vintage items into your existing interior. Trying to get a perfect cottagecore shelfie photo? When furnishing and rearranging your home, consider ease of access to basic staple items such as wooden serving boards, ceramic jugs and dishes. In the pantry shot below, we see how the shelves have been styled with key pieces for easy access. This eclectic shelf style still uses a consistent neutral colour palette to add a sense of organisation and contrasts beautiful with the Northmore Waterhouse Blue tiles.

waterhosue blue encaustic kitchen tiles

Which elements of the cottagecore trend will you be using in your next project? Be sure to tag us in your photos featuring your Harvey Maria floors styled with cottagecore decor and use the hashtag #MyHarveyMaria for your chance to be featured on our feed and stories!