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Why you should choose LVT flooring for your next project

Stylish, incredibly durable and easy to live with; these are just some of the reasons why our customers love their Harvey Maria floors. This blog explores the reasons why it’s so popular and why Harvey Maria LVT is a good option for your next home renovation project.

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04th Mar 21

brown and white checkerboard flooring in modern kitchen

Our range of collections include collaborations with some of the UK’s most celebrated designers, which has allowed us to curate fantastically functional flooring that looks great and is also made to last. Our luxury vinyl tiles are not to be confused with old fashioned cushion flooring or lino on a roll. They have a watertight, tougher, slip-resistant top surface making them a more premium and practical choice. Most of us will walk on LVT every day, often without realising – it is the most popular hard flooring surface in the UK and is found in many shops, schools, offices, hotels and restaurants. After success in commercial projects, this premium vinyl flooring option has now exploded onto the residential market due to its practicality, price point and increasing choice of designs.

Made to last a lifetime

All of our collections are incredibly robust, waterproof and slip-resistant. Most designs are supplied with a lifetime residential warranty- giving you peace of mind. A well-prepared smooth, dry base of either flooring grade plywood or smoothed-over concrete (also known as the subfloor), provides the perfect surface to fit the tiles. Our range of adhesives will fix the tiles securely to the subfloor.

This creates a solid surface that’s quiet to walk on and one which won’t click or move under your feet. It also makes them perfect for commercial spaces and for busy family life where durability is a must. And unlike some other flooring surfaces which can expand and become misshapen, our floors are extremely waterproof and are compatible with underfloor heating, so are ideal for use as kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring and utility flooring alike. Harvey Maria Authentic Wood & Stone collections are also more cost-effective and easier to maintain than real wood and stone flooring, which is another reason why our customers opt for luxury vinyl tiles.

Flooring isn’t something you’ll want to replace every year, so is worth investing in when starting a renovation project. It also has the ability to transform a room in terms of aesthetics and functionality too. LVT flooring shouldn’t be confused with laminate floors or click and lock vinyl flooring systems; these are known as ‘floating floors’ and sit unsecured on top of your subfloor. Although these floors can be quicker to install, there is a trade-off in terms of being noisy to walk on and prone to movement (so less watertight than LVT, which is so important for bathroom flooring especially). Being firmly secured to the subfloor means luxury vinyl floors are quieter and more suitable for use throughout the home, providing an all-round more premium feel underfoot. The quietness of our luxury vinyl flooring is a feature that customers often comment on.

mid oak plank lvt wood flooring in home office

Create your own style

Harvey Maria flooring styles can be combined to blend effortlessly with your renovation design plans. Opt for a statement pattern to flow seamlessly from room to room, or perhaps combine our Design Series and ultra-realistic wood effect floors to create borders and define zones within your space. This type of broken-plan living style is currently trending and allows for more multifunctional use of rooms. For example, it’s a great choice for keeping a living room’s open-plan feel, whilst being able to separate off areas – perfect if your dining table is currently doubling up as a work-from-home desk! The bevelled edges of the tiles give a refined appearance while the exquisite design details and matt surface finish ensures a truly authentic overall appearance, especially important for our ultra-realistic wood collections. It’s this high authenticity that means we often don’t realise that the natural-looking surface we’re walking on is actually LVT. Just one of the reasons they look so at home in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways alike.

We also have feature strips that fit easily between tiles to give a trad grout-effect for stone flooring designs or add the detailed look of inlays to our already highly realistic wood effect floors. With a range of colour options, feature-strips are a simple way to complement your chosen floor tile and enhance the authentic look.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring with wood planks in dining room

Thoughtful and conscious design

Our floors are durable and long-lasting, meaning they have less environmental implications than lower quality floor tiles. In addition, our floor designs blend easy with a variety of interior schemes, meaning customers can create their own style and enjoy their floor for years to come. All Harvey Maria floor tiles are 100% recyclable. Our commitment to industry-wide initiatives helps us to reduce consumer waste, making luxury vinyl tiles a more sustainable choice. Our floor tiles achieve the highest sustainability ratings, which all starts with the manufacturing process where we reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, therefore having less of an impact on the environment.

limed oak parquet lvt flooring tiles

We're here to help

We’ve been creating beautiful luxury vinyl floors for stylish homes and businesses for over 25 years, and our skilled British design team has carved a reputation for innovative and design-led collections. Our friendly team is on-hand to answer any questions you may have, as well as helping you to find the perfect floor for your next project. We have lots of inspiration pages on our website to browse to help you find your ideal kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring and many more, as well as daily Instagram updates featuring real homes, styling ideas and tips.

Harvey Maria tiles are built to meet the demands of modern-day life without compromising on style. Whether it be a whole new look created by their patterned kitchen flooring or a statement entranceway transformed by their hallway floor, we are constantly inspired by our customer’s stories and how they bring their ideal homes to life, all by finding a great floor! We are passionate about giving our customers the best experience possible, which is why many of them continue to add Harvey Maria designs to their homes.