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Cleaning and care for your floor at home

Recommended Cleaning Products

Harvey Maria floors are made from resilient materials which require relatively low maintenance. As with all floors, sensible precautions and regular cleaning will help ensure the high performance of the floor throughout its life.

All Harvey Maria floors are supplied with a domestic warranty of up to 25 years. A condition of the warranty is that you follow the recommended maintenance routine outlined below.


A good doormat (non rubber-backed) will help to capture grit and dirt and prevent it from being carried onto the floor. Doormats are advisable for all entry points to the outdoors.


Floors should be regularly swept or cleaned with a vacuum and a well wrung mop or damp cloth. Mop spills as they occur.


Use the Harvey Maria FloorSpa Kit to protect and clean your Harvey Maria floor.


The Stripper in the kit will deep clean the floor after a period of wear (and immediately after installation if any glue residue is apparent on the floor). The polymer based emulsion protector is simply mopped over the floor and dries to create a protective barrier, also making the floor easier to clean.


Use the Routine Cleaner in the Care Kit to remove any water-borne staining and soiling by periodically sponge-mopping as required.


Avoid dragging furniture or sharp items across the floor. The furniture pads in the Kit can help to protect the floor from scratching from table legs etc. Protect the floor from larger items of furniture with load bearing castors.


Use of the Floor Care Kit is advised for all floors, and particularly in areas of high traffic and areas more prone to heavier soiling or staining, such as busy entrance halls, kitchen area etc.


Prevent rubber products which contain antioxidants from coming in to prolonged contact with the floor, otherwise discoloration may occur.


Use of cleaning products not designed for use on floors can result in a slip-hazard!

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