Black Flooring

Add a dose of drama with stylish black vinyl flooring or rubber floor tiles from Harvey Maria. Black makes the perfect centrepiece for any modern space, and can be lifted with light, bright accessories or brought to life with a silver-grey palette for a stunning monochrome look. Or, if you want the drama of a black vinyl floor but want to keep it fresh and light, why not experiment with a classic checkerboard design?

black bathroom flooring check slate pattern

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Black flooring ideas – combine & contrast

black vinyl flooring in a dining room

A solid black floor creates a bold look, but contrasting with brighter shades adds depth whilst encouraging natural light to brighten your space.

  • Choose from our beautiful range of black & white tiles to find your perfect design. Spot Lamp Black vinyl flooring offers a quirky polka dot pattern, whilst Parquet Charcoal captivates with its Celtic-style motif.
  • Jet Black and Latte White from the Colours Collection or Urban Colours Brilliant White and Shimmering Black Vinyl Flooring can be combined to create a classic Checkerboard pattern.
  • A border of Lamp Wood from our Premium Wood collection will define any space – you’ll find beautiful inspiration over on our borders & zoning page.
  • Style a monochrome floor with pastel and mixed metal accessories, or stick to the black-and-white theme for a minimalist effect.