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Chequerboard Vinyl Flooring

A chequerboard floor is a classic design and one that is hugely popular right now. This trending flooring style allows you to experiment with complementary colours; whether you are after a monochrome style with a black and white chequerboard, or something a little brighter such as a blue and white chequerboard. Choose from our range of plain-coloured floor tiles to create a chic checkered design that can be used in a variety of spaces; from kitchens to hallways.

Why Harvey Maria flooring is perfect for your kitchen
Choosing a new floor for your kitchen can be a difficult decision. As you spend much of your time here cooking, eating, and spending quality time with family and friends, you’ll want to make sure your floor is suited to a range of activities. It is one of the most important rooms in the house with high footfall and risk of spills. Whether you’re looking for the latest trends at excellent value, or need durable flooring for a busy family, we have kitchen luxury vinyl flooring designs that will suit your home to a T.

We are passionate about creating kitchen flooring that stands up to the demands of modern home life – form, function, warmth and acoustics. So, there are plenty of great reasons why these designs are perfect for your kitchen project

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Inspiration & Ideas

red and white chequerboard flooring tiles in utility room

How to nail the chequerboard trend

Go chic with check and embrace this ever-growing interior trend with our top tips.

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Make bolder colour choices in your home

A chequerboard floor is a great way to inject personality and colour into your home; read on to discover how do it yourself.

pastel chequerboard flooring in kitchen

Interior Styling with Pastel Tones

Pastel colours continue to be hugely popular, and using them to create a stunning chequerboard floor will result in a ultra-modern look.