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Signature  Collections: Coordinated Colour Palettes

Based on the simple idea of unified design, our exciting Signature range has been developed around three colour palettes, letting you create a bespoke floor that’s in perfect harmony with your interior.

Podłoga w naturalnych kolorach


The subtle shades of our neutral palette are effortlessly chic, bringing warmth and softness to your interior. This versatile selection will suit a range of styles, and includes both classic and contemporary designs for a modern-yet-timeless touch.
View the neutral palette..

Niebieskie płytki podłogowe


Crisp hues and intricate wood grains form the basis of our blue to green palette. With a range of shades from duck egg to pear tree, it is perfectly balanced, lifting your decor with fresh and contemporary design.
View the blue to green palette..

Podłoga w odcieniach czerwieni


Blending deeper shades with pastel hues, our red to violet palette inspires decor with character and charm. Combine rich woods with jewel-toned patterns to add depth and warmth to your space, or choose delicate shades for a softer look. View the red to violet palette..