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black and white checkerboard flooring

All Harvey Maria LVT floors are suitable for laying in bathrooms, shower-rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, conservatories and utility rooms.

And all are suitable for use with underfloor heating and durable enough for commercial use too.
For best results use a Harvey Maria trained fitter, ask your Approved Retailer for more information about their supply and fitting services.


Check the product selection is appropriate to the rooms likely use and that all tiles are in good condition and from the same batch.


Acclimatise the flooring in the room by storing flat in dry conditions between 18-26ºC for at least 48 hours prior to fitting.


Keep a stable temp. between 18-26ºC during and 72 hours after fitting. Temperature must not fluctuate by more than 3ºC eg. Shade from sunlight throughout and prevent night time temperature drop.


Switch off underfloor heating, for at least 48 hours before, during and after fitting. Gradually bring to full temperature over 7 days.


Prepare the subfloor using either latex screed over a solid (concrete) floor or flooring grade plywood (minimum 6mm). If necessary smooth over plywood with a suitable fibre reinforced smoothing compound, especially over joints if uneven. In all cases ensure the finished surface is completely flat, smooth, rigid, clean and permanently dry.


Agree the laying plan - establish where cuts will be made and the location of any borders etc. Check the recommended laying pattern and any other fitting advice specific to the design.


To create a hand-made appearance, the designer patterns are not printed centrally on the tile, making every tile slightly different to the next. Follow the installation instructions to achieve the optimum appearance.


Use the correct adhesive and follow instructions carefully. Following the arrows on the reverse, settle the tiles into the adhesive by applying even pressure across the tile with a flooring roller or equivalent.


Be careful not to over-apply the adhesive - wipe away any residue with a damp cloth from the surface before it dries. Leave for at least 24 hours before using the floor. Adhesive may take up to 72 hours to dry.


Good entrance mats will trap dirt, and regular sweeping and mopping will help protect the floor. Use shading to prevent sun damage. A Harvey Maria FloorSpa care kit should be used to protect and care for the new floor from day one! See more

To add protection and to reduce the day to day care requirements of rubber floors, it may be advisable to apply a sealant on installation. Check the care advice for your floor for more information.