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The cost of LVT flooring

One of the reasons that LVT flooring has become so popular over recent years is that it is cost-effective and budget-friendly, whilst still allowing you to incorporate current trends and personal style to your home. In this guide, we’ll be exploring the LVT flooring cost, covering everything from installation to cleaning and care.

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13th Jun 23

stone patterned lvt flooring tiles

LVT flooring range

Not only is luxury vinyl flooring easy to install, it’s low maintenance keeps your expenditure low and means you can spend more time enjoying your space than money on upkeep. Even the most premium designs and patterned LVT flooring are usually way more cost effective than real wood or ceramic tiles, and easier to live with too. So you can have a truly chic and elegant floor that’s warm underfoot and easy to clean, at a fraction of the cost.

At Harvey Maria, we have an extensive range of LVT flooring collections to choose from, with one to suit all budgets. From our value-for-money Plain Colour Collection that allows you to build an on-trend checkerboard floor for your home, to our more premium Selected+ Woods range and designer collections curated by leading British creatives, we’ll spotlight our top affordable and premium products so you can select one to suit your budget.

Value LVT flooring

Spending less doesn’t have to equal reduced quality or style. In fact, our value-for-money LVT flooring is often mistaken for more premium products such as real wood or ceramic tiles, but without the high price tag. Easy to maintain and hard wearing, luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic option for those wanting excellent value for money without compromising on finish and durability. Here are three of our most affordable LVT flooring products:

  1. Ecru & Latte White – checkerboard flooring is all the rage and yet bringing this interior trend to your home needn’t stretch your budget. Ecru & Latte White offer a beautiful, contemporary neutral that will add a touch of elegance without adding to your budget.
  2. Limed Oak – a beautiful mid-toned wood-effect LVT floor, this is a fantastic value flooring product thanks to its ultra-realistic finish that will leave you feeling you have a real wood floor but without the price tag.
  3. Lamp Oak Parquet – we love this small plank in a midnight black colour for its contemporary feel that adds a luxury feel to your space but at a fraction of the cost.

brown and white chequerboard kitchen lvt floor

Premium LVT flooring

If you’re after an LVT floor that is slightly more premium, you can still find one in our collection that won’t cost the earth. What makes our premium ranges that bit more luxurious is the unique pattern design, overall finish and look; our Selected Woods Plus range, for example, boasts an incredibly realistic wood-grain look with great robustness but at a fraction of the cost compared to a real wood floor. Here are three of our more premium products:

  1. Walbrook Old Green – Deep, rich and boasting a heritage pattern, Walbrook Old Green gives a dramatic look especially when paired with lighter tones and wood panelling.
  2. Squares Stove Black & Squares Linen White – A timeless classic, you can’t go wrong with a black and white checkerboard floor. It will leave your space feeling luxe and elegant.
  3. Dovetail Ink Black – A bestseller LVT flooring pattern, Dovetail Ink Black is a beautiful monochrome alternative to the check design; especially beautiful when styled with softer tones.

green patterned lvt floor tiles in bathroom

Purchasing the right amount of LVT flooring

When it comes to the overall cost of vinyl flooring, it is usually the purchase of the floor itself that is the most expensive. It is therefore important that you calculate the exact right amount of flooring needed for your space. If you don’t measure the room size correctly and therefore order the right amount of LVT flooring, you could end up with a surplus that would be a waste.

Our handy Room Size Calculator can help with this: simply input your room dimensions and it will come up with the exact size for you. We always recommend including some wastage in your dimensions and the calculator will work out 5% and 10% wastage amounts for you.

LVT flooring installation costs

Once you’ve purchased your new luxury vinyl flooring, the next financial outgoing will be the flooring installation costs. There are multiple options when it comes to fitting your LVT; you can do it yourself which will naturally be a cheaper option, or you can have a professional, experienced LVT floor fitter install the flooring on your behalf.

DIY home installation

More and more people are choosing to install LVT flooring themselves, saving money on the installation process and learning new skills along the way. Installing luxury vinyl flooring yourself is undoubtedly the most cost effective way; however, it’s important you educate yourself beforehand on how to lay LVT flooring and read our handy guide here for all the important tips and tricks.

Key points to remember are that the flooring must be acclimatised before installation, and that subfloors must be properly prepared and damp free to avoid costly repair work in the future. It’s also important to use the correct adhesive and tools so that the floor is laid securely; again, lessening the risk of mistakes and repairs.

lvt floor laying and installation tips

Professional fitters

The alternative to fitting your new LVT flooring yourself is to have your floor fitted by experienced floor fitter. Whilst this is the more expensive option, you will likely get a more professional and higher standard finish, and also have one less job to do! And it may be less costly than attempting to install the LVT flooring yourself and having to pay to fix mistakes in the future.

You can find a one-stop-shop service local to you by searching here, and with most of our LVT floors you can request a quote which includes expert fitting directly from our website.

If you’re sourcing a floor fitter yourself, be sure to find one who has experience at laying LVT flooring, and ask as many questions as you can about their fitting process, their previous projects and ask them about things such as moisture testing and subfloor suitability. Having all of the correct information right from the beginning will mean less room for mistakes and failure in the future.

LVT flooring maintenance & care costs

So your beautiful new LVT flooring is installed; but the cost doesn’t stop there. In order for your luxury vinyl tiles to remain looking their best, you’ll need to ensure regular upkeep and care. Cleaning and maintenance is essential with all flooring, but with LVT it doesn’t have to be strenuous or expensive. We recommend regular sweeping and weekly mopping of your vinyl flooring to remove everyday dirt and marks, as well as deep cleaning from time to time. You can read more about how to clean and care for your luxury vinyl flooring in this guide.

Keeping your LVT clean and in good condition is vital; should you not keep on top of maintenance and staining, or if scratches and scuff marks are not dealt with quickly, this can cause longer term damage which will cost money. The Harvey Maria FloorSpa kit is brilliant for keeping your LVT flooring looking like new for longer; you can purchase it here and know it’s been tested on all of our floors.

How to clean luxury vinyl flooring

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how to clean lvt flooring

Shop LVT flooring

There’s no doubt that the cost of LVT flooring is one of its biggest benefits especially when you consider how long it lasts and how easy it is to maintain; no matter your budget, you’re likely able to find a design or pattern to suit your needs. Take a look at our full LVT flooring range here.