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How to deep clean luxury vinyl flooring

How do you keep your floor looking its absolute best? In this guide, we’ll talk you through how and when to deep clean your luxury vinyl tiles so that they keep their beautiful quality and stunning finish for longer.

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13th Jun 23

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Best products to deep clean luxury vinyl floors

Often chosen for its brilliant value for money and durability, LVT flooring is a fantastic option when it comes to replacing the flooring in your home. Easy to maintain and available in a huge variety of designs and colours, more and more people are opting for luxury vinyl flooring in their busy family homes and businesses.

From time to time, your floor may need a deep clean to revitalise its appearance and improve its durability. When it comes to deep cleaning your LVT flooring, there are some essential products you’ll need to ensure the best finish:

  • A suitable cleaning product that is designed to clean flooring and doesn’t contain bleach; we recommend the Cleanse solution that can be found in the Harvey Maria FloorSpa Kit available here
  • A microfibre pad and scrub pad, both available in the Harvey Maria FloorSpa Kit
  • Bucket of clean water
  • FloorSpa Scrub Solution, available in the FloorSpa Kit, to help rid dirt buildup
  • FloorSpa Protect Solution, available in the FloorSpa Kit, to extra protection from bacteria

If you wish to use another commercial cleaning solution to deep clean your LVT floor, please check that you chose one that is pH neutral and can be used on luxury vinyl tiles.

how to deep clean lvt flooring

Deep cleaning luxury vinyl flooring

It’s important to keep on top of cleaning your LVT flooring to ensure it keeps its brilliant quality for longer. Here is how to deep clean your luxury vinyl flooring in three steps:

Prepare your luxury vinyl floor

The first step in deep cleaning your luxury vinyl floor is to gently sweep away any debris or dust using a soft brush – it’s always important to use a brush designed for indoor use rather than a more abrasive outdoor broom which can damage an LVT.  Alternatively, go over your floor with a vacuum cleaner suitable for use on hard floors, making sure that it doesn’t have any sharp edges or foreign objects stuck that may scratch your LVT flooring. 

Preparing your LVT flooring for a deep clean in this way will ensure you get the absolute best finish. We recommend performing these steps on a regular basis, to keep your flooring looking lovely. 

Clean your luxury vinyl floor


Once any loose dirt and dust has been removed from your luxury vinyl tiles, it’s firstly time to mop over your floor. We recommend starting by using the Cleanse solution found in the Harvey Maria FloorSpa Kit. This is a pH neutral product that has been rigorously tested on LVT flooring and with day to day use will give the clean finish you’re looking for, removing any day to day soiling


It’s when this regular mopping doesn’t produce such a bright finish, that it’s time to give your floor the deep clean treatment to restore its original lustre. To continue with the deep clean, you will need the Scrub solution, also found in the FloorSpa kit, which will clean away the harder-to-remove buildup of dirt on your floor. Following the instructions carefully, use a regular household mop, or the pads within the care kit, to spread the Scrub solution as directed evenly across the LVT flooring. Let the solution permeate any stubborn marks and do its work before using the scrub pad to loosen up the ingrained staining and dirt. It’s then time to mop rinse the floor with clean water, without soaking the tiles, to remove all residue of the solution, before allowing the floor to fully dry.


Your floor will now be as clean as new, so it’s time for the final step of sealing in the freshness using the Protect solution found in the FloorSpa Kit. This is a satin, anti-slip floor finish designed to protect your luxury vinyl tile flooring from scruffs, spillages and small scratches, and to make day to day cleaning easier by making it more difficult for dirt to stick to the surface. This final top coat should be applied to the surface of the floor following the instructions carefully, using the microfibre pad and applicator also found in the kit. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes, and, if you’re after extra protection, and an even sparklier finish, apply a second coat at right angles to the first coat.

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Dry your luxury vinyl floor

Whenever cleaning or deep cleaning your floor, it’s important not to use excessive amounts of water or to leave standing water in pools on the floor. Pools of water will create a slip-hazard and if excess moisture is regularly present on the floor, it has the potential to soak into the floor and degrade the adhesive between the tiles, resulting in significant damage to LVT. Using a microfibre mop supplied in the FloorSpa kit is recommended when deep cleaning LVT flooring, as opposed to a string mop, as they’re much easier to rinse out. We also strongly advise you not to use steam mops as they can create excess humidity and moisture, and the heat has the potential to destabilise the adhesive bond. 

When deep cleaning your luxury vinyl tiles, it’s best to use a good mop and to refrain from using too much water. If necessary hand dry with microfibre cloths or towels to ensure every last bit of water and moisture has been dried.

deep cleaning luxury vinyl tile flooring

Regular cleaning and the occasional deep clean of your luxury vinyl flooring will ensure it keeps its fabulous good looks for years to come, making it even more value for money and even more likely to make a fantastic, long-lasting first impression. Be sure to follow these steps when giving your LVT floor a deep clean.

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