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How eco-friendly is LVT flooring?

In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into how eco-friendly LVT flooring is, and how having a luxury vinyl floor can be a step towards making more environmentally conscious choices in your next home project.

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01st Jun 23

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Our guide to making more conscious design choices

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to us all. As we look for innovative solutions to creating eco-friendly homes, conscious design comes into play and we are really proud that our Master Craftsman Series (MSeries) of LVT flooring is recognised for its low impact on the environment in all aspects; from production process to emissions and sustainable construction.

How to choose eco-friendly flooring

Whilst many products claim to be eco-friendly, there are certain elements that you want to look for when it comes to making environmentally conscious design choices for your home. Our MSeries collection of wood-effect luxury vinyl flooring is recognised for its low impact on the environment:

  • Achievement of the Eurofins Indoor Air Quality Gold Standard means that our floors and adhesives have very low VOC emissions, and are therefore safe and friendly for you, your family and your pets.
  • Our production plant is certified to ISO 14001 enduring a neutral impact on the local environment. Combined with ISO 9001 certification, these accreditations form part of our commitment to providing the highest quality products in the most sustainable manner possible.
  • Our luxury vinyl floors also comply with the European REACH system to the same high standards that are required for toys and childcare products, resulting in a safe, healthy and phthalate-free environment for everyone to enjoy in your home or business.
  • These environmental and clean air credentials contribute to the internationally recognised BREEAM and LEED certification for building and construction sustainability

All of the above reflects our dedication to sustainable manufacturing, providing eco-friendly flooring, making Harvey Maria a fantastic choice when it comes to bringing conscious floor design to your next home renovation project. What’s more, our LVT flooring is fully recyclable; completing the sustainable journey.

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How durable is LVT flooring?

The durability of LVT flooring is another huge benefit, and one that makes the floor kind to the environment too. Thanks to its composition and hard wearing top layer, luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly robust; offering protection from everyday wear and tear such as scratches and scuffs, and so they can be used even in the busiest areas of your home, including hallways, kitchens and playrooms. LVT floors are made to last; making it a great option if longevity and durability is what you’re after.

What’s more, luxury vinyl flooring is totally waterproof; meaning that it’s a more durable and sustainable floor compared to those that can experience damage when coming into contact with humidity or excess moisture, LVT is designed to stand up to this; meaning you can use it in bathrooms and utility rooms. What this means is that the flooring will, once again, stand the test of time and mean you won’t need to be regularly switching out tiles or even whole floors, just as long as they’re properly cared for and maintained.

Cleaning your luxury vinyl flooring

Of course, keeping your floor looking and feeling its best for longer will be significantly helped by cleaning and caring for your LVT flooring properly and regularly. However, the fact that our floors are easy to clean using a minimum amount of water and no harmful chemicals ensures minimal impact on the environment throughout the floor’s life.

Thanks to being low maintenance and simple to upkeep, you can just enjoy your stylish flooring without having to spend too much money, or use too many non-sustainable cleaning products

How to clean your LVT floor

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