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How to find the perfect bathroom floor

A place to switch off from the world…your bathroom can be a cosy yet stylish place to truly relax and unwind. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking to add a touch of luxe, this guide will look at how to choose the perfect bathroom floor.

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13th Jun 23

Choosing your bathroom flooring

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, having a lovely new floor is a great place to start, and with our range of LVT flooring you’re sure to find a design to suit your home style.

Consider your needs - busy family bathroom or tranquil retreat?

For many, renovating a bathroom is a great way to replace an outdated style and inject some character and personality. You’ll also need the finished look to last for years to come, so a timeless design is key; and yet it also must be practical and match up to your lifestyle and everyday needs.

If you’re renovating the main family bathroom, especially if you have children at home, clever use of space and practicality are crucial things to consider in this high-demand room. That’s why LVT flooring is so great for family bathrooms thanks to being fully waterproof, easy to clean and slip-resistant.

Staying practical doesn’t mean, however, that you need to compromise on style. Our chic range of patterned LVT flooring designs means you can maintain the functionality whilst still adding a premium feel to your bathroom. What’s more, if your room is on the smaller side, investing in key features like the flooring can make the room feel even more luxurious. Opt for a super stylish chequerboard floor or go for a geometric pattern to bring that deluxe feel.

green bathroom lvt flooring

Take inspiration from top interior trends

We love curating mood boards on Pinterest, or saving the latest reel from our favourite interiors influencers on Instagram to help build an idea of our favourite features of the current trends. And you can do the same! There’s nothing like recreating a look that you’ve swooned over in your own home, bringing that dream to a reality.

Chequerboard flooring is a huge trend right now, with everyone embracing the check and finding new ways to bring it into their homes. Our collection of checkered vinyl flooring has something for everyone; from the classic black & white monochrome with Squares Stove Black & Linen White, to the more modern Squares Bay Blue that immediately brings colour, or the softer Squares Steel which looks great in an industrial themed space.

We’re also seeing more and more people turning to biophilic design as a way to bring nature inside; whether that’s embracing green tones to being a feeling of freshness and wellness to their spaces, with Parquet Hunter Green being a brilliant example, or using pattern as a nod to the great outdoors which the Lattice collection designed by Dee Hardwicke does beautifully.

blue patterned bathroom lvt flooring

Make more of smaller bathrooms

Perhaps you’re looking for new vinyl flooring for your en suite or guest bathroom, or maybe your family bathroom is on the smaller side; a patterned floor can actually give the perception of space even in the most petite of rooms.

Large geometric patterns, like the Dovetail collection designed by Neisha Crosland, can be laid in a way that draws the eye line across the room making it feel longer. What’s more, using a coloured floor tile, such as Dovetail Oxford Blue, can create light, making the room feel refreshed and airier.

Wood-effect LVT flooring can have a similar effect; our MSeries range of wood planks can instantly brighten a smaller bathroom, especially the lighter-toned Cove and White Oak, and when laid lengthways will also result in a room that feels longer and bigger.

blue geometric patterned bathroom lvt floor

Add organic texture with wood-effect planks

Real wood flooring is often a desirable look, but is not always the most practical especially in a bathroom. Expensive, hard to clean and not waterproof, you’re better off opting for a wood-effect LVT plank that gives an ultra-realistic wood look and feel but with many more practical benefits; and at a more affordable price.

All of our floors, including our trending herringbone and parquet collections, are waterproof and slip-resistant, making them the perfect choice for your bathroom floor. Whether your aesthetic is modern rustic or ultra luxurious, bring organic texture to your bathroom with a wood effect LVT floor; they’re even compatible with underfloor heating so you can truly maximise on the cosiness and comfort!

wood effect lvt flooring in luxe bathroom

Features of luxury vinyl flooring

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