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How to clean luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring, also known as LVT, is a durable and practical choice for your home or business; not only will it last a long time, but it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning LVT is a simple job and one that will ensure your flooring looks its best for longer, but there are do's and don’ts when it comes to achieving the best results and not damaging your luxury vinyl tiles, so you’ll want to follow our easy guide on how to clean vinyl flooring to maintain its elegant finish.

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09th May 23

how to clean lvt flooring

Cleaning LVT flooring: do's and don'ts

First off let’s start with some general tips on how to clean LVT:


  • Sweep with a soft brush to remove loose dirt and mop over as needed
  • Regularly clean with a pH neutral cleaner such as the Harvey Maria Cleanse solution.
  • Place doormats at entrance ways to capture dirt and protect the flooring
  • Clean up spills and stains as they occur


  • Use a steam mop as excess heat may loosen the adhesive
  • Drag heavy furniture along the floor as it can cause damage
  • Place rubber products containing antioxidants on the floor for long periods of time as this can cause staining
  • Soak the LVT to remove stains as it may cause a slip hazard and damage the floor

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How to clean vinyl flooring

Cleaning luxury vinyl tiles is quick and easy and can be done in three steps. Here’s the best way to clean LVT flooring to ensure your floor stays looking fabulous:

1. Sweep and mop

The first step to cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is to take care of any loose dirt and debris. Start by gently sweeping over the floor with a soft broom and mop over whenever necessary to remove any other marks or soiling. If using a vacuum cleaner check with the manufacturer to be sure it is suitable for hard floors, and check for any damage or protruding foreign objects that could scratch your LVT flooring. 

2. What cleaning products to use

Before you clean your LVT floors you need to make sure that you are using suitable products that are designed to clean flooring, and don’t contain bleach. We always recommend using the Harvey Maria FloorSpa kit to clean your flooring especially in busy areas of your home such as hallways or kitchens. The floor care kit contains all the essential floor cleaning items you’ll need to get a beautiful finish when cleaning your LVT. 

If you are looking to buy an alternative LVT cleaning solution, firstly check the label to make sure it is designed to clean flooring, so that it’s not likely to create a slip hazard, and also check its suitability for use with LVT flooring. You’ll want to use a pH-neutral cleaner, and make sure you follow the guidance on the appropriate amount to use.

If you are making your own cleaning solution or looking at what you should or shouldn’t use to clean luxury vinyl flooring here are some tips:

What should you use to clean LVT with?

We recommend using the FloorSpa kit to keep your luxury vinyl tiles in tip-top condition. The kit includes our Cleanse solution, ideal for day to day cleaning, as well as the Scrub solution which is great for a deep clean of your floor. You can also use other commercial solutions, so long as they are pH neutral and suitable for use on LVT, so please check before using.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to clean LVT with homemade solutions using natural household products such as apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. We would strongly recommend testing beforehand and using caution if you’re going to clean your flooring this way.

What shouldn’t you use to clean LVT with?

When cleaning luxury vinyl flooring, you shouldn’t ever use detergents, products containing bleach, abrasive cleaners, or ‘mop and shine’ products. You also shouldn’t use wax or polish that isn’t suitable for LVT as it can not only dull the appearance of your floor but also be a slip hazard. And finally make sure to not use ammonia or any cleaning products that are ammonia-based as these can break down your flooring over time.

3. Mop and wash

After you’ve swept away any loose dirt, it’s time to mop your LVT flooring. We recommend using the cleaning products found in the FloorSpa kit. These are the best cleaning products that have been specifically tested and approved for LVT. For everyday cleaning, use the Cleanse solution as directed using a well wrung out and damp mop to simply wipe over the surface to clean your LVT. It’s important not to soak your floor or use a steam mop as too much water or heat can damage your LVT flooring.

How to remove stains from LVT

Although luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof and stain-resistant, spills and splashes are bound to happen, especially in busy kitchens or bathrooms. First you should make sure that any spills are cleaned up right away with a damp cloth and a mild pH neutral cleaner to help lift the stain, remembering not to soak the area. Rinse the area and allow it to dry completely.

For stubborn marks and stains, we recommend using the Scrub solution found in the FloorSpa kit. Using this undiluted will help to remove tough stains. Use the non-scratch scourer found in your FloorSpa kit to rub the area gently before rinsing with clean water.

For more in depth information, check out our full guide on how to remove stains from luxury vinyl tiles.

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How to deep clean LVT flooring

If you’ve got a tough stain or haven’t cleaned your luxury vinyl flooring as often as you should have, that’s okay. As cleaning LVT is so easy, having a deep clean isn’t difficult either. Werecommend starting with sweeping and vacuuming as normal, and then use the Scrub solution as directed. Then follow the rest of the general cleaning guide above to mop and clean your luxury vinyl flooring.

Still got tough stains and dirt? Check out our full guide on how to deep clean luxury vinyl flooring,

How to deep clean luxury vinyl flooring

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How to maintain luxury vinyl tiles

Cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is easy and should be done regularly to keep it looking as good as new.. We’ve got some further tips to help you maintain the look and finish of your LVT:

  • Place rugs and carpets at entrances to help protect the floor and trap dirt and moisture from outside. These doormats themselves should be cleaned regularly to help reduce spread of dirt onto your luxury vinyl tiles.
  • Try to prevent rubber products containing antioxidants from coming into prolonged contact with the floor, otherwise permanent discoloration to your tiles may occur. This includes rubber backed mats and pet bowls that can stain long-term. We recommend using non-staining rubber products such as those available from Turtlemat.
  • Avoid laying your luxury vinyl tiles in direct or extreme sunlight, as it can discolour and damage your tiles. If this is unavoidable, it’s important to shade the floor, especially during peak sunlight hours by keeping curtains, shutters or blinds closed. Although our LVT flooring is UV protected, extreme exposure to sunlight will have the potential to damage so do take caution.
  • LVT is scratch-resistant but make sure you don’t use hard brushes to clean or drag heavy furniture across the floor, and make sure you trim pet nails, and take any other sensible precautions.

How to remove scratches from LVT

Although our LVT is scratch-resistant,scratches or scuffs can appear from time to time But don’t worry, it’s often an easy fix; for instance, a scuff can be buffed out, or you can remove a badly scratched tile and replace yourself or get a professional to do this for you. 

How to remove scratches from LVT

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Cleaning LVT is easy and quick to do, making it a popular choice for many modern homes. For that luxury look to last, all you need to do is sweep with a soft brush and mop regularly. Make sure to clean up spills and stains as soon as possible and when cleaning luxury vinyl that you are using appropriate cleaning products such as the ones in the Harvey Maria FloorSpa Kit.

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