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How to spring clean and care for your LVT floor

With simple maintenance and regular care, your luxury vinyl floor can be enjoyed for years to come, making it the perfect flooring choice for busy family homes and businesses alike. Keep reading for our tips on keeping your LVT floor squeaky clean no matter the season.

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13th Jun 23

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Giving your LVT floor a spring clean

Whether you’re reading this as the warmer months approach and we look to give our homes that long-awaited spring clean, or it’s later in the year and your floor needs a little extra attention to tackle muddy boots and paws, we’ve got you covered on how to spring clean and care for your LVT floor.

Protecting your brand new floor

So you’ve had your free flooring samples, chosen your new LVT design and had the flooring laid; it’s time to consider how to protect your brand new floor from the elements and general wear and tear.

After the floor has been installed it is firstly advisable to position good quality entrance mats around entrance ways to trap dirt before it gets onto the surface of the floor. Use robust outdoor mats to capture the worst of the debris from muddy boots and paws, and softer mats will add additional protection once inside – always be sure your indoor mats are suitable for use with LVT floors to prevent possible staining.

You can now unbox your Harvey Maria FloorSpa kit which contains all you need to care for your luxury vinyl tiles. Designed for long term peace of mind, all of the products found in the kit have been tested on our floors and so are the best to use when cleaning and caring for your LVT.

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We recommend keeping on top of cleaning your LVT floor as regularly as you can; firstly, sweep your flooring with a soft brush to remove any loose dirt and debris. Spot any leftover residue? The Cleanse solution in our FloorSpa kit is the best place to start; follow the instructions to clean your floor and keep it looking super stylish. Remember to dilute the solution with the recommended amount of water and use a soft mop to give your floor a good, overall clean.

The already slip-resistant, watertight and tough top surface elements to our LVT flooring make for a more premium and practical choice than cushion or roll lino, so it’s easy to maintain and look after. To further protect your flooring from day one, be sure to apply the FloorSpa Protect Solution which adds an extra protective satin finish, especially important in busy areas of the home such as kitchens as it will help keep your floor resistant to spillages and scratches.

Deep cleaning your LVT floor

From time to time, your LVT floor will need a good, deep clean to revitalise, especially if it’s in a high footfall area such as a hallway or kitchen. Setting aside some time for a deeper clean of your floor will mean less day-to-day maintenance and keep your flooring looking brand new for longer.

You can read more on how to deep clean your luxury vinyl floor in this handy guide, but here are our top tips:

  • Sweep with a soft broom, then use the Cleanse solution to mop away top level dirt and marks from your LVT floor
  • Follow with the Scrub solution to help get rid of tougher stains and harder-to-remove build up; remember to immediately mop rinse the floor after use to remove all residue of the solution
  • Ensure your luxury vinyl floor is left to fully dry after its deep clean; then use a dry microfibre cloth to apply the Protect surface polish to apply added lustre and protection to the surface.

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Everyday care for your LVT flooring

Caring for your luxury vinyl flooring goes beyond the cleaning process; there are other small steps you can take to ensure you’re caring for your LVT everyday:

  • Opt for good quality outdoor and indoor non-staining mats, such as a Turtlemat, to help capture dirt and grit before it comes into contact with your floor. This is especially important for rooms such as hallways or back doors that lead into a kitchen or utility room where muddy shoes or pets paws can make a mess.
  • Use furniture pads to prevent damage from heavy or sharp objects; there is a selection available in our FloorSpa kit.
  • Avoid dragging furniture across your floor; scratches can be removed from your luxury vinyl tiles (read how to remove scratches here) but it’s best to avoid them altogether and protect your flooring by lifting items rather than dragging them.
  • Be cautious using regular household cleaning products, in case they contain bleach, ammonia or other chemicals that may cause damage to the surface of your floor or create a dangerous slip-hazard. Either use the products found in the FloorSpa kit or find another cleaner designed for use on LVT floors that is pH neutral.
  • Avoid using a steam cleaner on your floor; excessive heat on your luxury vinyl tiles can affect the adhesive that bonds to your tiles and therefore cause damage. We recommend simply cleaning with a soft brush, mop and water, along with your LVT friendly cleaning products.

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