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LVT flooring design

Carefully curated to complement the contemporary homes that we live in today, our collection of LVT designs is hugely diverse; from designer patterns, to on-trend chequerboard and elegant wood-effect and stone-effect tiles. In this guide, we’ll explore the full range of luxury vinyl tile designs available so that you can choose which would suit your home the best.

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13th Jun 23

gray lattice patterned lvt flooring

Patterned LVT flooring

Stylish flooring for modern homes, our range of patterned LVT boasts rich heritage designs that lend a rustic elegance to both contemporary and traditional interior schemes, alongside fresh patterns inspired by nature. Harvey Maria’s flooring celebrates the work of some of Britain’s most talented designers.

Celebrated artist and designer Dee Hardwicke created the Lattice and Pattern collections, both inspired by her love of the British landscape and steeped in the artisan tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement. We love the bright, natural colourways found in these LVT patterns; from the pretty Lattice range that takes inspiration from scattered petals, to the rustic warmth of Pattern that is adapted from an original ceramic illustration.

blue patterned lvt floor tiles

Widely recognised for her contributions to textiles and surface pattern, our collaboration with Neisha Crosland brings her award-winning designs to our LVT patterned range, offering both classic and modern geometric designs that work beautifully in both old and new homes alike. The bestselling Dovetail collection is inspired by marble and stone inlay floors, creating a clean and modern aesthetic, whilst the Check range evokes classic flooring design with a distinctive dual diamond motif and timeless pattern.

The Walbrook collection is another of Harvey Maria’s LVT designs that celebrate the creative process by combining patterns from an historical context with contemporary materials and manufacturing. Victorian inspired but modern in design with six colourways, Walbrook is ideal for today’s family living, with deep heritage tones, such as Old Green, that are wonderfully practical, as well as fresh, natural hues such as Avebury Stone that reflect a country house aesthetic.

avebury stone lvt flooring in dining room

The Northmore collection is another unique LVT pattern that blends decorative design and heritage colour pigment with authentic patina. Enhancing both traditional and contemporary interiors, we love this design for its Victorian influence that fits perfectly into modern life; from the deep glazed tone of Waterhouse Blue to the elegant and practical hue of Sable Black.

All of our patterned LVT flooring designs can be used to set the mood by creating layers of interest in an elegant kitchen or living room scheme. Similarly they can be used to inject a sense of considered style into smaller rooms and hallways, enhancing otherwise overlooked areas of the home, or used to add a touch of luxe to more practical spaces such as a utility room. Our luxury vinyl floors are robust, waterproof and suitable for use with underfloor heating, so plenty of reasons to incorporate an LVT pattern into your home.

pembroke slate kitchen lvt flooring

Herringbone LVT flooring

Beautifully handcrafted with ultra realistic wood grain textures, our Hurst Herringbone LVT flooring range is designed to look and feel like a real wood floor, with practical, durable and sustainable benefits, and it’s a style that truly reflects current home interior trends.

A herringbone style floor can add a depth of texture and sense of warmth to a living room or kitchen, resulting in a more intimate, homely atmosphere. Herringbone floors are also a fabulous way to add interest and an illusion of space in narrower rooms.

Use lighter colours like Dormouse or Early Grey for a modern, contemporary feel. The warmer colours such as Toasted Oak and Garden Oak are typically suited to more traditional decors, and in all cases our range of herringbone style flooring stands up to the demands of modern living, and are suitable for use with underfloor heating. What’s more, unlike real wood flooring, our LVT herringbone flooring designs are easy to clean and completely waterproof.

herringbone wood effect lvt flooring

Parquet LVT flooring

Our beautifully detailed range of parquet LVT flooring brings a modern yet classic style to your interior, offering the on-trend effect of real parquet wood, but without the cost and upkeep.

Available in two sizes, our collection of parquet luxury vinyl flooring includes White Oak Parquet, a fresh, lighter shade providing a contemporary twist on this classic design, as well as Limed Oak Parquet which is a lighter shade with artisan overtones for a sense of modern rustic charm.

english oak parquet lvt flooring in living room

Consider adding a border to a parquet design floor, by running full size planks around the edge of the room, to add a sense of grandeur to your living space or dining room. Using design feature strips will lift the overall appearance and add to the sense of formality, drawing the eye to the different zones within the room.

Once again, this range of wood effect LVT flooring is highly durable and easy to live with, and the range of styles makes it the perfect choice for modern family homes and traditional period properties alike.

Geometric LVT flooring

Geometric LVT flooring allows you to play with pattern and colour whilst still honouring the more traditional design. If you’re looking for something a little different, a geometric style vinyl flooring design could be the answer.

We especially love the designer Dovetail and Parquet collections, curated by award-winning artist Neisha Crosland, for its eclectic palette and striking design. Geometric LVT flooring is perfect for those rooms where you’re looking to add a little more personality or even a focal point; perhaps a larger living space or hallway for a striking welcome to your home. Our geometric designs are perfect for creating a modern, clean look in a stylish bathroom or utility room.

geoemtric lvt pattern flooring in living room

Checkerboard LVT flooring

Timeless and classic, you can’t go wrong with a checkerboard LVT floor. This trending flooring style allows you to experiment with colour; whether you’re after a traditional black and white checkerboard floor for a hallway or something a little brighter such as a contemporary blue and white check for a bathroom or chic utility room.

Suitable for all rooms, from bathrooms to dining nooks, you can create a chic check floor effect with our range of coloured LVT tiles; Squares Stove Black and Linen White will give you an elegant monochrome check, whilst Ecru or Poppy Seed offer a fresh, natural hue when partnered with Latte White.

If you’re looking for something a little more alternative, the Check range designed by Neisha Crosland offers a checkerboard design with a twist. It’s a statement design with a unique appeal, and works beautifully in kitchens and boot rooms.

brown and white chequerboard lvt flooring in modern kitchen

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LVT effects

Another benefit to having LVT flooring in your home or commercial space is the range of different flooring effects available. From wood-effect to stone-effect and even photo-effect, you can choose a finish that best suits your space and make it truly unique depending on your individual personality and style. And whichever you choose, all these flooring effects have the great practical benefits of an LVT floor.

Wood LVT effect

Real wood flooring may be desirable but can be expensive and often difficult to maintain especially in busy households. Our range of wood effect LVT allows you to bring that luxury feel of authentic wood planks into your home but at great value for money, and resulting in a floor that’s so much easier to live with.

Beautifully crafted to look and feel real, the secret is in the detail of the incredibly textured top surface that gives the impression of real wood. You can choose from a range of patterns, including trending herringbone and chevron, and there’s a huge selection of tones and hues available too; from smokey greys such as Earl Grey Herringbone, to the rich, golden tones of Sussex Oak plank.

wood effect lvt flooring

Stone LVT effect

Modern yet natural, our range of stone-effect LVT is ideal for adding a more contemporary element to your space. These ultra-realistic stone, slate and concrete effect vinyl tile floors look and feel like the real thing, with the added benefit of being highly durable, easy to clean and warm underfoot.

Our Nuance range offers a textured finish that is perfect for creating modern, rustic styling especially in a bathroom or kitchen. With six natural tones to choose from, we love Duck Egg Blue and Off White in particular. Style in high traffic areas such as hallways and utility rooms for added luxe combined with outstanding practicality.

Metallic LVT effect

Combining urban style with everyday practicality, a metallic LVT floor effect is perfect for creating a modern, industrial look without the drawbacks of a cold and harsh real metal floor. Blending bold colour with a contemporary finish, our range of metallic LVT designs are all waterproof, easy to maintain and warm underfoot despite their manufactured effect; ideal for gyms, utility rooms or even bathrooms.

Photo LVT effect

For something truly unique, opt for a photo LVT flooring effect; creating a centrepiece for any room and a brilliant conversation starter. From Pacific Water to Meadow Grass and Cow Hide, our range of photo effect vinyl flooring is unrivalled, and can be perfect for a feature room or children’s playroom to bring a playful and fun element to your space.

Despite being that bit more daring in design, our photo effect LVT collection still boasts all the benefits of our other design ranges; they’re highly durable and robust, totally waterproof and low maintenance, making them especially suitable to high traffic or potentially messy areas of the home such as a kids play den or nursery.

Treadplate LVT effect

With the look of a real metal floor but without the coldness underfoot, our range of Treadplate LVT effect flooring offers a truly striking finish with a non-slip element that allows it to be used widely for industrial flooring finishes. Perfect for more urban and contemporary spaces, the Treadplate collection reflects light and colour, with an embossed texture that realistically stimulates the look and feel of metal tread flooring.

As with our other luxury vinyl flooring ranges, the Treadplate LVT collection is also super durable, sustainable and suitable for use with underfloor heating, making it a hassle-free option for those wanting a more industrial look.

Leather LVT effect

A leather LVT effect floor can create glamour and elegance, whilst being sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Available in a range of tones, from Orchid and Onyx to Cherry and Chestnut, leather effect vinyl flooring is resilient , practical and hugely versatile; suitable for bedrooms, living spaces and bathrooms alike.

LVT styles

When it comes to LVT flooring styles, there’s something to suit all homes and spaces; from Victorian flooring to designer flooring and plain colour vinyl tiles.

Victorian LVT

Victorian inspired flooring doesn’t have to mean old fashioned design; we have a multitude of collections that draw inspiration from Victorian patterns and motifs, but with a modern twist. The Walbrook range draws upon the Arts & Crafts movement but with a contemporary colour palette, from deep Old Green to earthy Claystone.

Meanwhile, the Northmore collection offers a more intricate and detailed Victorian LVT pattern that is elegant and timeless, and ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, Neisha Crosland’s designer Dovetail collection blends traditional with modern, drawing upon her love for heritage colours and innovative patterns.

pastel black lvt bathroom floor

Funky LVT

Funky flooring can bring life and colour to what is otherwise a quiet and understated room; the designs speak for themselves, from unique photo-effect LVT flooring to striking geometric patterns and vibrant colours. Incorporate a funky LVT flooring style as a zone or nook to make it stand out even more, or fully embrace the funky design by styling a whole room with a bright chequerboard or treadplate effect LVT floor.

Sparkling LVT

With subtle twinkling glitter particles that beautifully catch the light, our range of sparkling LVT style flooring is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your space. From decadent bathrooms to playful children’s bedrooms, sparkling LVT floor tiles are incredibly hard wearing and durable, making it a great choice for any space.

Plain colour LVT

Our range of plain coloured LVT flooring gives you the choice to either use a solid colour or experiment with a playful checkerboard floor. From vibrant and bold to soft and subtle, our range of plain colour luxury vinyl tiles has the perfect shade for all spaces; including Jet Black, Raspberry Pink and Bay Blue. Laying a coloured LVT tile as a solid colour can create a real statement finish, whilst laying as a checkerboard will bring the check trend to life in your home.

black and white chequerboard floor in kitchen

Textured LVT

Ideal for adding depth to any room, our range of textured luxury vinyl flooring blends modern design with everyday practicality, making it a great choice for homes and commercial spaces alike. From the ultra-realistic texture of our wood-effect LVT flooring to the contemporary aesthetic of our Rubber flooring collection, bringing a textured floor to your home will add interest and layers to the space.

Designer LVT

You deserve a little luxury, as does your home. Our range of designer LVT flooring will add a touch of luxe without having to break the bank; it’s a win win. From intricate patterns to bold colours and geometric designs, our designer LVT flooring collections are great value for money, and easy to maintain and keep clean, without you having to compromise on style and elegance.

We’re proud to have collaborated with two of Britain’s leading designers, Neisha Crosland and Dee Hardwicke, to curate exclusive collections that bring the designer edge to your home at great value. Neisha’s ranges embrace her love for innovative pattern and production techniques, while Dee’s inspiration comes from nature, biophilic design and our relationship with the outdoors.

Retro LVT

Retro is in fashion; we’re all celebrating the more traditional and nostalgic designs more and more, and our range of retro LVT flooring is a great place to start. Our statement retro flooring holds the key to bringing this evocative style into our homes whilst keeping a modern twist. From the revival of the classic chequerboard floor to Victorian-inspired patterned LVT flooring that blends encaustic intricacy with contemporary manufacturing, you can add a touch of retro to your home with ease.

We especially love our Heritage Colours collection that allows you to embrace the chequerboard revival with bright and colourful check designs, including Squares Bay Blue and Squares Venetian Red, both of which create a stunning checkered floor pattern when partnered with Squares Linen White.

blue and white chequerboard lvt in dining room


We hope this guide has shown just how varied our range of LVT flooring designs are; whether you’re looking for a more traditional heritage or Victorian inspired pattern, or you’re in the market for a modern and contemporary chequerboard or wood effect floor. To view our full range of LVT flooring and explore our collections in more depth, visit our LVT Flooring page here.

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