Home Flooring Guides Which rooms are LVT flooring suitable for?

Which rooms are LVT flooring suitable for?

When planning your new home or undergoing a renovation project, it’s important to think about what type of flooring will be most suitable for the space. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how LVT flooring can be used throughout your home; from bathrooms and shower rooms to utility rooms and even bedrooms.

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13th Jun 23

blue and white dining room chequerboard lvt floor

Bathrooms & shower rooms

As the wettest and most humid room of the house, it’s important to choose a bathroom floor to suit the environment. Harvey Maria LVT flooring is completely waterproof and slip-resistant, making it the ideal choice for your bathroom or shower room. Using luxury vinyl tiles in a bathroom will reduce the risk of slipping compared to most ceramic tiles or stone flooring; what’s more, LVT is easy to clean and maintain.

With a large range of designs and colours to choose from, you’ll be able to find a luxury vinyl tile to suit your bathroom or shower room, whether you’re looking for a super stylish stone or wood-effect, or a Victorian style pattern or chequerboard floor. To view Harvey Maria’s full range of bathroom luxury vinyl flooring, click here.


As a busy area of the home, we know the importance of durable and easy to clean flooring for your kitchen. Luxury vinyl tiles are an excellent choice when it comes to your kitchen floor; especially with so many designs and colours to choose from that will complement your existing kitchen design scheme. As a space where you and the family eat, work and socialise, spills and stains can occur; thankfully, LVT flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean.

What’s more, luxury vinyl tiles are waterproof and slip resistant, so you can rest assured they’re a safe choice for your kitchen too. Choose from a natural wood or stone-effect LVT that will look beautiful alongside your kitchen cabinets, or opt for a more stand-out design or pattern to bring something a little different to your kitchen space. Click here to see our full range of luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen.


Prone to muddy footprints and paws, LVT flooring is ideal for a busy hallway in your home. Luxury vinyl flooring is hardwearing, durable and super easy to clean; all things you’ll want to look for when installing new hallway flooring.

A stylish hallway will provide a wonderful welcome to friends and family; choose from a stylish wood-effect such as a Herringbone or Parquet design, or take a look at our full range of hallway LVT to see what patterned floors we have available to make a stunning first impression.

Living rooms

Many of us are opting for wood-effect LVT flooring in our living rooms as we look to make the space stylish and fresh. Offering more value for money compared to real wood flooring, wood-effect luxury vinyl tiles are safer and warmer underfoot, and can make a living room truly welcoming and on-trend. What’s more, LVT flooring works beautifully with underfloor heating, so you can really achieve optimum cosiness in your living room. For more inspiration for living room LVT flooring, click here.

wood effect parquet lvt flooring in living room

Dining rooms

A place to socialise, share food and make memories, your flooring choice in a dining room is important. Luxury vinyl tiles are a fantastic option if you’re renovating your dining room space; easy to clean in case of spillages, warm underfoot and effortlessly stylish.

They are also more forgiving when it comes to a dropped glass or your favourite crockery, meaning your most cherished items are less likely to get smashed to pieces if they are dropped onto an LVT floor compared to a stone or ceramic floor. Choose either casual and chic wood-effect LVT or add a contemporary finish with a stylish pattern or chequerboard design. See our dining room LVT flooring page for more ideas and inspiration.


Gone are the days when everyone opted for carpet in their bedrooms; with allergens and pollens being easily trapped in carpets, LVT flooring has become a fantastic choice for your bedroom as it’s so easy to clean and maintain and provides no hiding place for bugs or dustmites; not to mention that it’s also less noisy than other hard floor surfaces while being warm underfoot and brilliant value for money.

Add a stylish wood-effect luxury vinyl tile to your bedroom that is super realistic yet cheaper on your budget, or stand out with an encaustic pattern or chequerboard design to inject some individuality to your bedroom. Click here to find out more about bedroom LVT flooring.


The pitter patter of tiny feet deserve the best underfoot; LVT flooring is an ideal choice for playrooms thanks to being highly durable, super easy to clean and available in a wide selection of colours and designs. Warm, hygienic and resistant to allergens, we love luxury vinyl flooring for playrooms.

Also due to its slip-resistant and waterproof finish, there is no need to worry about spills or scrapes. Click here to find out more about using LVT flooring in your playroom.

lvt wood effect flooring in playroom

Utility rooms

Another busy room of the home, it’s important not to overlook your flooring in your utility room. A place to store clothes, cleaning products, white goods and more, LVT flooring can stand up to high footfall and is highly durable, making it low-maintenance and excellent value for money.

It’s also important for utility room flooring to be waterproof, which luxury vinyl tiles are, and they’re also slip-resistant. What’s more, patterned LVT flooring can make a smaller room feel big, and add a touch of luxe to an otherwise overlooked corner of your home. Visit our utility room inspiration page for more information.


The joy of luxury vinyl flooring is that it can be used throughout your home, no matter the space. With a huge range of designs and patterns available, you’re sure to find a vinyl floor to suit your next home project. For more information on the features of LVT flooring, read our handy guide below.

Features of luxury vinyl flooring

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