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How to remove glue from vinyl flooring

Removing glue from luxury vinyl flooring is usually a simple process, whether the glue is a sticky residue or has had time to set and is completely hardened. In this guide, we will discuss all the different ways you can correctly and safely remove glue from a vinyl floor and avoid long lasting damage

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13th Jun 23

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Removing glue from luxury vinyl flooring

It’s not unusual for glue to find its way onto the surface of your LVT flooring during fitting; any surface excess glue should usually be wiped away with a damp cloth while the floor is being fitted, but if there’s some that’s been missed then don’t worry, it can be easy to remove and clean. To remove glue from your luxury vinyl flooring you’ll need:

  • A clean cloth
  • Clean water
  • Suitable cleaning products such as the Cleanse and Scrub solutions from the Harvey Maria FloorSpa kit, or a similar product that doesn’t contain bleach or ammonia
  • Coarse scrub pad also found in the kit

If the glue is still tacky then you can start removing glue from your LVT floor with the Cleanse solution or similar vinyl friendly cleaner. If you do use an alternative floor cleaning solution, be sure that it does not contain bleach or ammonia, and is suitable for luxury vinyl tiles. Dilute as per the instructions and using a soft mop or cloth, wipe over the glue spillage to start removing. Make sure you remove any excess water once the worst of the glue spillage has been cleaned.

For more stubborn glue spillages, our Scrub cleaner is the perfect solution. Made for deeper, more intense cleans, the Scrub can be used to remove glue from your vinyl flooring that has become hardened and dried, making it trickier to clean up. Ensure you properly dilute the solution with clean water and use the coarse scrub pad, also found in the FloorSpa kit, to gently loosen the glue from the floor. To remove lasting residue, use a soft mop and clean water after the scrub for a cleaner finish.

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Can I remove glue from vinyl and reuse the planks?

You may wonder if you can remove glue from the back of old vinyl planks and reuse them elsewhere in the home; however, this is not usually possible as LVT flooring is designed to be permanently fixed to the floor. The act of pulling up a tile that has been previously firmly glued to the floor is likely to damage the integrity of your LVT or vinyl planks, making them unsuitable re-installation and being walked upon. However, it is usually possible to remove a vinyl tile that’s become damaged and to replace it with new vinyl flooring plank or tile.

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Removing glue from LVT flooring

Cleaning glue from your luxury vinyl flooring is simple. Using the instructions in this guide and the cleaning products we have recommended; the unwanted adhesive will be cleaned up in no time.

If you have removed your old vinyl tiles and looking to replace them, find more information about replacing those vinyl tiles using our installation guides, or find a fitter to replace them for you. To bring new life to your home, discover our huge selection of vinyl flooring tiles. With a wide range of colours and styles, you are sure to find a vinyl floor covering to suit your home.

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