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How to remove paint from LVT flooring

If paint has been spilled or splattered on your LVT floor, don’t panic; your floor isn’t necessarily permanently damaged and it can be relatively easy to clean. Within this guide we’ll give you all you need to know about how to get paint off vinyl flooring.

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16th May 23

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Before removing paint from LVT flooring

Vinyl flooring as a whole is simple to clean and care for, and luxury vinyl flooring is particularly durable.

The first step in how to get paint off luxury vinyl flooring is to clean up any excess wet paint before it dries by using a cloth and suitable cleansing product that’s suitable for vinyl flooring. Be sure you’re using a cleaning solution that doesn’t contain bleach or ammonia as this can damage your floor.

Use cold water and mild cleaning products that are suitable for use on LVT such as those found in the Harvey Maria FloorSpa kit. Make sure you always read the instructions carefully and if you have any doubts, contact your paint manufacturer to see if what you’re using will help to remove paint from your flooring. Also be sure that you don’t mix chemicals or cleaners, as it could prove dangerous and also could ruin your flooring.

What you'll need to remove paint from vinyl flooring

Whether you’ve been using water-based paint or acrylic paint, the tools and materials for removing paint from LVT flooring are similar. So before you start, this is what you’ll need:

  • Mild cleaning product: Make sure that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, so you don’t damage your floor. Ideally, use a cleaning solution that has been approved for use on LVT flooring, such as the products found in the FloorSpa kit.
  • A clean cloth.
  • Bucket & water: You can use a normal cleaning bucket or any large container and make sure you only use cold water.

How to get paint off vinyl flooring

If you experience spilled or splattered paint on your luxury vinyl flooring, follow these steps to clean it off:

  1. First things first, remove excess paint. It’s important to wipe up as much of the wet, spilled paint as possible with a clean, damp cloth as soon as possible. If the paint is left too long to dry, it can be harder to remove so time is of the essence.
  2. Once the excess paint has been removed, you can move on to a deeper clean using cold water and a suitable cleaning solution. Using a mild pH neutral cleanser, such as the one found in our FloorSpa kit, is less likely to cause damage to your vinyl flooring; if you use an alternative cleaning product, be sure to test an area of your luxury vinyl tiles first to make sure it doesn’t damage the flooring. Also read the instructions carefully and if you have any questions about the type of paint you’re cleaning, contact the manufacturer directly.
  3. For more stubborn paint stains on your LVT flooring, you can use the Scrub solution from our FloorSpa kit that is made for trickier stains and marks. Be sure to dilute the Scrub solution according to the instructions and rinse with clean water afterwards.

Removing dried paint from vinyl flooring

Removing dried paint from your luxury vinyl flooring will naturally be a bit trickier. Where you can, don’t leave spilled paint to dry and clean up as quickly as you can as per the steps laid out above. If this can’t be avoided, we again recommended the Scrub solution that is designed for tougher, more stubborn stains.

There are other cleaning solutions on the market that you can use but make sure they’re suitable for use with luxury vinyl flooring before starting to clean the paint stain. We recommend testing any products on a small area of your flooring to ensure it doesn’t cause lasting damage, and read any instructions carefully before using.

Removing paint from vinyl floors

Removing paint from luxury vinyl flooring can be straightforward and a mild, pH neutral cleaning solution may solve the issue relatively quickly. Cleaning wet paint is a lot easier, but it is still possible to remove dried paint if the above steps are taken. Just always remember to be careful when cleaning; don’t use any harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia on your LVT flooring which might cause damage. To help make the job easier, shop our range of LVT cleaning products which is kind to your floor.

How to clean luxury vinyl flooring

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