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LVT flooring features

More and more people are choosing LVT flooring for their homes and commercial spaces; and we aren’t surprised. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the many features and benefits of luxury vinyl tiles; from whether or not they are completely waterproof, to how long they last.

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13th Jun 23

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What is LVT flooring?

With 25 experience years of designing and making beautiful floors, Harvey Maria has a broad range of LVT flooring; it’s a more high end type of resilient flooring that brings a touch of luxe to your space whilst still being low maintenance and waterproof. Composed of multiple layers, LVT flooring boasts a top wear-layer which not only keeps the flooring durable and hard-wearing, but adds the ultra-realistic texture and feel of natural wood and stone floors. Further durability is added to the top surface through the application of a transparent urethane coating, providing protection from everyday wear and tear. Our glue-down range of luxury vinyl flooring is created using 100% recyclable material and is lightweight, stylish and easy to look after; what could be better?

LVT flooring is made up of four layers:

  • Base layer – The backing of our luxury vinyl tiles creates the stable foundation for other layers, and will sit immediately on top of a prepared subfloor. More traditional luxury vinyl tiles have a base that consists of a strong yet malleable Poly Vinyl Chloride, or PVC for short.
  • Core layer – Next, you have the core vinyl layer which seals the base layer and acts as a rigid platform for the final two layers to the tile. For luxury vinyl tiles fixed using a click system there’s a wood plastic composite core, this is known as WPC, or a stone plastic composite core, referred to as SCP.
  • Photographic layer – This layer is what brings to the forefront the beautiful effect your luxury vinyl flooring will give; from wood effect to stone effect or even mosaic effect. It mimics the natural design you choose, giving it that ultra-realistic appearance.
  • Transparent Protective Wear Layer – Finally, you have what is arguably the most important protective layer to the LVT. This makes your luxury vinyl flooring tough enough to be resistant to scratches, scuffs, stains and water damage. This is all finished with PU coating for extra protection.

It is these multiple layers and attention to detail that make LVT flooring that bit more luxurious and premium compared to original vinyl flooring.

wood effect lvt floor planks in kitchen

Benefits of vinyl and LVT

LVT flooring is a more premium type of luxury vinyl flooring, so shares all of the same benefits of more traditional vinyl, and much more. By opting for luxury vinyl tile in your space, you’ll be getting added features such as its longevity and toughness, as well as having more designer and trending patterns available to choose from.


Luxury vinyl flooring is certainly made to last; any home renovation project is an investment of both time and money, and so LVT flooring is a great choice if longevity is what you’re after. If your luxury vinyl tiles are installed properly and looked after well after fitting, your flooring will last for a lifetime; ideal for those who don’t want to make regular home updates, or have busy family lives that see lots of traffic coming through your door. The way luxury vinyl tiles are made with the multiple layers and protective features makes the flooring incredibly robust, allowing it to look better for longer and keep its original style and appearance.

Easy to install

Another benefit to LVT flooring is how easy it is to install, both in homes and commercial spaces. Installing luxury vinyl flooring is DIY-friendly, meaning you can do it yourself if you feel confident enough to do so. Like with any DIY project, it’s important to do your research before you begin and make sure you have all of the tools and equipment needed. If you don’t feel you can install your LVT flooring yourself, there are many experienced professional floor fitters that can do it for you and can install the flooring easily and quickly.

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A huge benefit to LVT flooring is how durable it is; making it an ideal flooring choice for busy homes and high traffic commercial spaces. Naturally, most flooring will endure daily wear and tear however the protective layer of luxury vinyl flooring means that it is much more resistant to damaging scuffs, scratching and water damage. Ideal for families with children, pets or businesses that see lots of traffic, the durability of vinyl flooring is definitely a huge perk to installing it in your space.


Is vinyl flooring waterproof? The answer is yes; yet another benefit to having LVT installed in your home. Many people opt for luxury vinyl tiles in their bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, and so the waterproof nature of the flooring makes it hugely beneficial. Whereas other types of flooring may experience damage due to humidity or contact with water, LVT flooring is designed to stand up to these; whilst you shouldn’t soak your vinyl flooring and you should clear up water spills as they occur, they can be used in areas of the home where you use water, such as a family bathroom.

Is LVT flooring waterproof?

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Scratch resistant

Another perk for busy family homes or commercial spaces, luxury vinyl flooring is scratch resistant thanks to its protective layer and components. Whilst everyday wear and tear cannot be wholly avoided, and scratches may occur from time to time if the flooring is not properly looked after and maintained, generally the multilayered makeup of luxury vinyl tiles makes them hardwearing and robust, and therefore resistant to scratching; perfect for those with children or pets.


LVT flooring insulates sound, making it a lovely and quiet choice for your home. Especially useful for those with a young family or businesses that see a lot of footfall, once again the benefit to a multilayered LVT product means that you’ll experience the benefits of a durable surface with less excess noise when walking on the floor compared to stone or ceramic tiles.


A wood or stone floor may seem attractive, but can be uncomfortable and cold to walk on. The joy of LVT flooring is that it’s warmer underfoot than other flooring types, making it a super comfortable and luxurious product to choose. While luxury vinyl flooring has natural warmth, it is also compatible with underfloor heating, giving you the choice of added extra warmth underfoot whenever it’s needed.

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Versatility is another great reason to choose luxury vinyl flooring for your space. At Harvey Maria, we have a huge variety of designs, patterns and colours available meaning you won’t be short on inspiration. The beauty of LVT flooring is that you can achieve a certain look and style but at greater value; we have a huge collection of wood-effect LVT floors, for example, that will give the look and feel of real wood planks but at a fraction of the cost. You can also browse our diverse range of patterns, from Victorian inspired to the modern chequerboard, and find a design to suit your personal style and space perfectly.

Low maintenance

Once your flooring is installed, you ideally want it to be as low maintenance as possible. With luxury vinyl tiles, they’re incredibly easy to look after and clean day to day; just a simple, regular sweep and vacuum and your floor will look in top condition. Adding entrance mats to trap dirt before it even reaches the floor is a popular choice and especially recommended for busy families. Whilst a deep clean from time to time is recommended, and you can read more on how to deep clean your LVT flooring here, vinyl tiles are generally very low maintenance and upkeep is minimal, meaning you can just enjoy your beautiful floor without having to spend hours taking care of it.


Luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice when it comes to giving your home’s floor a makeover; from being super durable and easy to install, to having brilliant features including being waterproof and scratch resistant.

What rooms are suitable for LVT flooring?

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