FloorSpa by Harvey Maria

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Price: £43.20 (inc Vat)
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The FloorSpa contains all the essential elements, from powerful deep cleaners to felt furniture pads, to keep a Harvey Maria® floor sanitised and protected from bacteria, scuff marks and micro-scratches. Providing long-term peace of mind when used regularly in busy areas such as hallways, bathrooms & kitchens.

*Covid-19 Notice: The FloorSpa Cleanse detergent solution breaks down the outer membrane of the virus, removing Coronavirus contamination from the surface of the floor. The FloorSpa Protect surface treatment then seals the surface of the floor making the removal of bacteria even easier, giving added peace of mind for you and your family.

The Harvey Maria® FloorSpa pack includes:

FloorSpa Scrub Solution 750ml strips away any glue residue from fitting and can be re-applied periodically to remove any build up of dirt.

FloorSpa Cleanse Solution 750ml a sanitising ph neutral cleaner for the day to day cleaning of the floor. Cleans away harmful bacteria and leaves a safe, anti-slip finish.

FloorSpa Protect Solution 750ml simply mopped over the floor creating a satin surface finish and providing extra protection from bacteria, micro-scratching and scuff marks.

Applicator Pads + Intensive Scrub Pad – follow the cleaning and care instructions for your floor when using pads, note that the scrub pad should not be used overly aggressively on rubber floors.

Furniture Protectors – these pads are used on the feet of your furniture to protect against scratching from chairs and table legs.

Regular use ensures that the floor will remain in great condition for years to come. Following the cleaning and care instructions for your floor throughout its life is a requirement of the product warranty.

FREE DELIVERY available when ordered with your floor over £150.

NOTE: Restrictions on the transportation of liquids means we are no longer able to ship the kit outside of the UK – Please email info@harveymaria.com for details of alternative products in your region.