FloorSpa Cleanse 5 Litre

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Price: £30.00 (inc Vat)
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The Cleanse solution is an effective floor cleaning sanitiser for Harvey Maria® floors. A regular day to day cleaner that’s simply diluted with warm water and mopped over the floor to leave a clean, fresh and sanitised surface. Now available in this new larger 5 litre size from Dr Schutz.

The detergent solution breaks down bacteria and the outer membrane of viruses, efficiently removing day to day dirt and contamination from the surface of the floor.

Tip: For extra sanitisation, use the 2 bucket method, keeping one soapy bucket and one of plain water for rinsing the mop head as you go.

When an occasional deeper clean is required, use FloorSpa Scrub to remove any build up of dirt or stubborn scuff marks.

For long term protection from bacteria and fine scratching, apply FloorSpa Protect to provide a protective satin finish.

Suitable for all Harvey Maria® flooring types.  Approx coverage: 1,000 sq. metres