Universal LVT Adhesive 2.5

£24.00 (inc Vat)

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Price: £24.00 (inc Vat)

One tub provides coverage for around 8-10 square metres*, and includes a DIY plastic spreader. For smaller areas, up to 3.5 square metres choose our smaller 1-litre tub.

Suitable for all Harvey Maria floor types EXCEPT Hemingway, Smooth & Dimples Rubber flooring collections (for these rubber floors use our RUBBER FLOORING ADHESIVE). Suitable for use with underfloor heating and in areas exposed to higher temperatures

This Universal acrylic adhesive has been developed to provide a solid bond for your Harvey Maria flooring. It is formulated to be resistant to wear and to remain strong even when used in the busiest rooms of your home.

Guaranteeing a tough waterproof bond for your floor, our recommended adhesives are suitable for general use including hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms.

REMEMBER: Use only Harvey Maria recommended adhesives to assure that your floor’s warranty remains valid.

NOTE: Restrictions on the transportation of liquids means we are no longer able to ship adhesives outside of the UK – please email info@harveymaria.com for details of alternative products in your region.

* depending on climatic conditions, the absorbency of the subfloor and the thickness to which it is spread.