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3 Christmas styling ideas for 2020

One of our favourite times of year has come round surprisingly quickly this year, and with less than three weeks to go until Christmas we thought we’d share some of the styling trends we are loving this season. Whether you are looking to add to your existing decor or style up an area in your home with a bit of festive cheer, these Christmas styling ideas will have you all set for the big day.

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08th Dec 20

wood floor lvt planks with christmas decorations

Rustic touches

We love incorporating rustic features into contemporary interiors and Christmas is a great time to experiment with this trend. Mix natural texture, organic materials and our MSeries woods for a homespun and nostalgic feel that is still on trend this year. Pictured here – MSeries Natural Plank Tawn.

light wood plank lvt flooring with christmas styling

Bringing the outdoors in

We love this trend and what better way than at Christmas than to add some seasonal plants, foliage and greenery into your decor such as firs, holly and mistletoe. This trend is reflected in some of our recent collections such as Pattern by Dee Hardwicke. The Pattern collection is inspired by nature and incorporates a stylish flower motif with seasonally inspired colours from the natural landscape.

blue patterned motif lvt flooring in rustic bedroom

Seasonal food

Whether it be styling up your Christmas table with a touch of sparkle, creating a delicious hot chocolate station or displaying jars of traditional sweets like candy canes and chocolate pennies for the kids – food is a great way to bring instant festivity into your home. We love experimenting with different hot chocolate flavours by adding luxe ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, fresh cream and grated nutmeg. Our floors look great in a range of interior styles, and our Parquet Red Oxide creates a great space to complement winter styling whilst still withstanding the demands of busy family Christmas!