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Maggie’s luxurious bathroom with Parquet Stone flooring

When Maggie Galliano bought her new flat back in September 2015, she always knew she would make significant changes to the bathroom which - in her words - was looking a little ‘tired’.

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08th Jun 16

parquet stone lvt flooring in modern bathroom

“When I started planning, I had in mind some sort of black and white floor to reflect the Edwardian era of the mansion block. I was looking for inspiration online and saw a picture of your tiles on Houzz, which led me to the Harvey Maria website. I was sold!” writes Maggie. “In the end I decided against black and white, instead opting for Parquet in Stone, laying the tiles diagonally to add depth to the space.”

Parquet is an award-winning design by Neisha Crosland, a British designer who takes inspiration from shapes found in nature to create her trademark symmetrical motifs. The Stone shade is wonderfully versatile, working beautifully with both warm and cool tones, as seen in Maggie’s bathroom. We especially love those dramatic charcoal walls!

“The charcoal walls were actually a mistake!”, writes Maggie. “I had a sample of the paint colour to use on a feature wall in the living room. The bathroom fitters got a bit mixed up, and painted it whilst I was away. I got a bit of a shock when I came home, but actually liked it a lot and so decided to leave it – now I can’t imagine it any other way, and everyone who sees it loves the colour!”

“I had never seen or used vinyl tiles before, and at first I was a bit unsure about them. My bathroom fitters tried very hard to convince me to choose ceramic tiles instead, but were so impressed with the end result that they now plan to use them for other jobs! Every time I walk in, I think how lucky I am to finally have this lovely bathroom.” We’re so glad you’re happy, Maggie – and we think it’s beautiful too!

parquet stone lvt flooring in dark bathroom