Home Inspirations Blending traditional with contemporary – our love for the Modern Rustic interior

Blending traditional with contemporary – our love for the Modern Rustic interior

The key to a successful home renovation project is being able to express your interior style and create a space filled with the things you love. One trend we’ve been seeing more and more over on Instagram is love for the modern-rustic. This aesthetic blends both classic and contemporary styles, allowing you to handpick and curate a collection of decor, furniture and design elements that blend and contrast beautifully to create a unique space.

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07th Apr 21

grey patterned lvt flooring in rustic home

Contemporary tones with rustic textures

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning a room renovation or update is choosing the right colour palette. Modern-rustic styles let you experiment with pops of colour. We love combining modern colour schemes alongside natural textures for an aesthetic that is both fresh and homely. Our Pattern collection by Dee Hardwicke boasts a palette of earthy tones and features the on-trend grey tone Pattern Ashen. This colourway blends seamlessly with existing interior schemes, looking beautiful here alongside the wooden textures. Pattern encourages you to bring a little taste of the outdoors into your home with its floral-inspired motif which works perfectly alongside features such as dried-flower bouquets and reclaimed wooden furniture. For a pop of colour for the spring season, you could contrast with bold kitchen colours such as deep blues and greens, or opt for pastel toned textiles and brass hardware.

grey patterned lvt flooring in contemporary black kitchen

Contrasting statement pattern with classic features

Patterned flooring is a great way to create a bold look that gives a sense of light and space. One popular way we have seen customers style our patterned floors is through pairing them with feature pieces such as traditional roll top baths for a look that is both luxurious and stylish. Below, our Check Slate tiles by Neisha Crosland feature a striking geometric pattern that adds a contemporary edge to this bathroom space. The classic bath design and exposed pipe sink add a timeless feel, with the result being a space that incorporates interior trends as well as reflecting personal style. The natural textures again soften the look, giving a calming and clean feel perfect for creating a bathroom space to unwind in.

black and white check pattern lvt floor in modern bathroom

Celebrating encaustic tile design

One of our newest collections, Northmore, is inspired by mid-19th century encaustic tile design. The collection blends decorative pattern and prestigious victorian era design and transforms them for modern-day living. The authentic patina effect works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary spaces, with the versatile palette of deep tones and muted neutrals lending themselves to a variety of interior styles. Northmore gives a sense of character to any space and its versatility means it will not only look great for years to come but also complement your style as it evolves over the years. Perfect for kitchens, utility rooms, hallways, boot rooms, the list goes on…

northmore pembroke slate lvt floor in rustic kitchen