Home Inspirations Bring the Bloomcore trend to your home with luxury flooring

Bring the Bloomcore trend to your home with luxury flooring

A trend we've been seeing more and more of on our social media feeds is one that embraces all things floral and nature-inspired. Bloomcore pays homage to the traditional English garden and our love affair with the great outdoors, and can be brought into your interiors with our pretty patterned floor tiles.

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05th Oct 23

dark grey floral inspired lvt flooring in rustic living room

The beauty of Bloomcore is that it can be incorporated into your home in both a minimalist or maximalist way; whether you opt for bold prints and rich colours, or lean more towards dainty patterns and neutral hues. More is more with this trend and you can layer floral wallpaper, textures and, of course, flooring that complement one another.

We’re lucky enough to have two LVT flooring collections that are just made for the Bloomcore aesthetic; both created by British designer Dee Hardwicke, Lattice and Pattern are based on floral illustrations that were drawn in Dee’s bucolic Welsh studio, and are the perfect way to bring the great outdoors into your home.

The Lattice Collection

Taking inspiration from scattered petals and nature’s colour palette, the Lattice collection truly encapsulates Bloomcore. The handpainted floor design is delicate, intricate and whimsical, making for a beautiful addition to any room; from a rustic, cosy kitchen to a more modern and contemporary hallway.

Lattice Seedpod

The most neutral tone in the collection, Lattice Seedpod looks lovely paired with complementary light shades or even a premium wood border for something super luxurious. We love it styled in this modern rustic kitchen with the shaker kitchen and sleek marble worktops.

lattice seedpod lvt flooring in kitchen

Lattice Cornflower Blue

As the name suggests, Lattice Cornflower Blue is ideal if you’re wanting to bring the floral trend to your home, especially with its hue that’s vibrant but remains soft and playful. This blue luxury vinyl floor tile is perfect for a bathroom, as featured here, particularly when you style it with light woods.

lattice blue patterned lvt flooring in bathroom

Lattice Tarn

Lattice Tarn is soft and subtle, perfectly paired with neutral colours for a calming, tranquil palette. With its blue-toned grey shade, Tarn is a great choice for those busier areas of the home that may see more muddy boots and paws as it’s wonderfully forgiving; what’s more, it’s low maintenance and easy to clean which makes this collection really popular in family homes.

dark grey lattice pattern lvt flooring with armchair

The Pattern Collection

Adapted from an original ceramic illustration, the Pattern collection brings a rustic, casual warmth to the home yet maintains a nod to the pretty floral patterns we’re adopting more in our homes. The range brings the outdoors in, allowing the natural world to become a part of your scheme whether you live in the city or countryside.

Pattern Warm Terracotta

With Pattern Warm Terracotta you’re able to bring two home trends together; Bloomcore and earthy, Mediterranean inspired tones. Working brilliantly in hallways and utility rooms, this earthy colourway is a super practical one to introduce to your home; what’s more, you can inject that cosy, rustic warmth whether you’re styling it against contemporary or traditional interiors.

terracotta patterned lvt flooring in rustic hallway

Pattern Ashen

An easy and contemporary grey, Pattern Ashen allows you to bring the floral trend in but with a cool and modern twist. It looks great contrasted with natural textures and features, especially in a kitchen or boot room where an easy to clean, versatile floor is essential.

light grey pattern lvt flooring in rustic cottage kitchen

Pattern Larkspur

Adding a pop of colour to your aesthetic is a great way to also welcome the Bloomcore trend, and Pattern Larkspur can help you achieve this look. The golden highlights and classic ceramic blue tone is both on-trend and reminiscent at the same time, giving it the ideal blend of contemporary and heritage. Pair with soft textiles and neutrals for that ultimate luxe feel.

blue patterned hallway tiles with floral motif

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