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Casual rustic style with luxury vinyl flooring

Casual rustic is a style we predict will be trending this Autumn/Winter and an aesthetic you can easily achieve with luxury vinyl flooring; especially if natural neutrals and cosy practicality is your thing.

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04th Oct 23

neutral lattice seedpod patterned lvt flooring with dried flowers

Blending modern and traditional design isn’t new; we’ve talked before about the Vintage Nostalgia trend and how more of us are looking for a slower, eco-friendly way of life and how this is reflected in our interior choices. With a longing for a connection to the natural world and simple living comes casual rustic style; where raw materials, earthy tones and cosy textures help us escape the hubbub of the outside world.

Natural textures with authentic wood plank flooring

At the heart of the rustic casual trend is a need for raw, authentic and realistic materials that help define a space and give that sense of luxury whilst remaining low maintenance. A more budget-friendly and practical alternative to real wood flooring is an ultra-realistic wood effect luxury vinyl floor, such as those found in our MSeries collection. Beautifully hand-crafted with authentic wood grain textures, these planks look and feel like real wood but are massively practical, durable and sustainable.

Take Spring Oak for example; it’s incredibly rich and warm and will add depth to your room, whilst still giving that casual style we are looking for. It’s effortless elegance at a fraction of the price compared to a real wood floor.

spring oak wood effect plank lvt flooring in luxury living room

Bringing the outdoors in with pretty florals

Botanical and floral elements are a great way to incorporate the casual rustic trend to your home. Our patterned luxury vinyl tiles can infuse a room with natural vitality especially those that take inspiration from the great outdoors. Our popular Lattice collection was designed by renowned artist Dee Hardwicke and is the ultimate homage to Mother Nature with its delicate pattern reminiscent of scattered petals. We love Lattice Seedpod, featured here, as it not only brings florals to the forefront but its neutral tone is typical of the rustic aesthetic we’re after.

neutral patterned lvt flooring in rustic kitchen

Another way to bring outside in is to use a green tone in your home; it’s a trending colour that’s known for its calming effects. Parquet Hunter Green has been one of our most popular designs this year and adds a striking geometric twist to any space; and being super easy to clean and low maintenance, it ticks that casual box too.

green patterned lvt flooring in modern bathroom

Earthy colour palette

If you’re trying to achieve the sought-after casual rustic look, a great place to start is with an earthy colour palette. Warm and rich tones are ideal especially deep browns, subtle greys and stylish terracotta. We love Walbrook Claystone when paired with an authentic wood plank border to create a cosy, vintage-inspired nook that’s is earthy and natural thanks to Claystone’s rich brown hue.

dark brown patterned lvt flooring in rustic dining room with table and chair

Terracotta is another great way to introduce this rustic palette to your space; and, it’s been a trending colour throughout the summer. Pattern Warm Terracotta looks lovely next to neutral decor and rustic styling; we particularly love it as a hallway floor for that stand-out first impression.

terracotta patterned lvt flooring in rustic hallway

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Handcrafted and unique design

The beauty of our luxury vinyl flooring collections is how the designs are handcrafted and unique; especially our trending herringbone and parquet ranges. With their truly authentic wood grain textures and soft-to-touch finish, you can achieve a realistic and artisanal look but without having to spend a fortune.

There’s no doubt that a wood floor is the epitome of casual rustic, and a herringbone or parquet floor adds an extra layer of luxe that complements both contemporary and traditional homes, and reflects home trends. From English Oak Parquet, which frequently features in our bestselling products, to Old Bramble Herringbone which works beautifully in bathrooms and hallways alike, these planks can make a space feel bigger and overall more opulent.

wood parquet lvt flooring in living room with log burner

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