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Colour is making a comeback

For the last few years we’ve all been lusting after neutral tones, but all is about to change as colour is making a comeback! Read on to find out how you can incorporate these bold shades into your home.

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19th Jul 17

blue floral motif lvt flooring with rustic table

Grey, beige, taupe… over the last couple of years, the interiors world has moved away from accent colours, favouring softer Scandinavian shades instead. However, colour his beginning to pop up into interiors once again. With Pantone naming ‘Greenery’ the colour of 2017 and Marrs Green being unveiled as the world’s favourite colour, bold tones have become the trend du jour in our homes. But how do you incorporate these bright colours into your home without overwhelming it?

bright blue geometric patterned floor in modern bathroom

Lampshades are a great way of introducing a statement shade without overpowering your interior. Colourful artwork is another way of adding a bold statement to a room, and doesn’t have to cost the earth!

blue and white patterned lvt floor in rustic pantry

Adding a signature piece of upholstery in the form of a sofa, chair, or chaise longue will add a splash of colour without overwhelming the room, perfect if you want to dip your toe into the trend. Or if you’re keen to be a bit bolder, why not try a colourful luxury vinyl floor? We’ve got a colour to suit any interior. A checkerboard effect is a great way to create a modern look without overpowering the space, try mixing a bold colour with a bright white tile.

blue and white check floor tile

So there you have it! Why not try these top tips, because who doesn’t need a little colour in their life?