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Conscious design with our Hurst Herringbone collection

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to us all. We are starting to choose products and materials that improve our indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste. Today’s blog will take a look at the key aspects that make this and many other of our beautiful collections a great, sustainable choice for your next project with our Hurst Herringbone collection.

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05th Jun 21

light herringbone wood effect lvt flooring with bread basket

We are really proud that the MSeries collection is recognised for its low impact on the environment in all aspects – production process, product composition, emissions and indoor air quality and sustainable construction. At each stage of the design process from concept to completion, we have thought about where we can reduce the environmental impact of our floors now and in the years to come. This was a key consideration with the launch of the Hurst Herringbone collection. Like all of our MSeries designs, we wanted to offer practical and beautiful floors that replicated the look and feel of real wood. This allows for an authentic style that doesn’t compromise on sustainability right from the beginning of the production process.

herringbone lvt flooring in hallway with staircase

Our production plant is certified to ISO 14001 ensuring a neutral impact on the local environment. Combined with ISO 9001 certification, these accreditations form part of our commitment to providing the highest quality products in the most sustainable manner possible. This really marks the beginning of the eco story for our MSeries products, even at the beginning of the supply chain we have ensured a more sustainable option than other vinyl flooring alternatives. The Hurst Herringbone collection is on-trend right now, with many interior bloggers opting for this look as it is a timeless yet contemporary flooring option, and by opting for a Harvey Maria MSeries floor you are also ensuring it is a sustainable option too.

light grey herringbone lvt flooring in modern kitchen

Our MSeries range achieved the Eurofins Indoor Air Quality Gold Standard, meaning that our floors and adhesives have very low VOC emissions, and so provide a safe and healthy indoor environment for you, your family and your pets. Our floors are designed with busy, modern family life in mind making them a suitable option throughout your home. Why not opt for the contemporary Earl Grey to brighten up a kids room alongside pops of pastel tones, or maybe choose Torn Bracken for a cosy playroom space that can be transformed into a living room nook when the kids are older. It is important when planning a renovation project that practicality and safety are key considerations, particularly in areas with high footfall that need to cater for the demands of family living.

grey wood lvt flooring with book and stool

The composition of MSeries floors complies with the European REACH system to the same high standards required for toys and childcare products, meaning a safe, healthy and phthalate-free floor. This is another reason why so many of our customers opt for MSeries floors throughout their home, from kitchens to kids bedrooms, as it gives them reassurance that they will not only look great for years to come as their interior style and needs evolve but also continue to be a safe choice for their home. These environmental and clean air credentials contribute to BREEAM and LEED certification for building and construction sustainability.

herringbone lvt fooring in bathroom with bathtub

Like all of our collections, MSeries floors are easy to clean using a minimum amount of water and no harmful chemicals, ensuring minimal impact on the environment through its life. We love styling the Hurst Herringbone collection in areas of the home such as the kitchen, as they not only complement a variety of styles and decor schemes, yet will evolve with your kitchen over the years. Our FloorSpa kit is the perfect solution for ensuring your floor is well cared for as well as reducing the time you have to spend cleaning. This allows for more time decorating and enjoying the social, open-plan space created by flooring that flows seamlessly from room to room.

dark oak herringbone lvt flooring in living room with logburner