Home Inspirations Creating the perfect home working space – our trend predictions for 2021

Creating the perfect home working space – our trend predictions for 2021

Many of our customers are creating unique spaces using our MSeries woods to complement one of the stylish patterns from our Design Series. This type of zoning and defining of areas is perfect for modern open-plan living, especially with many of us working from home more at the moment. You can create a stylish home office, breakfast nook, cooking area or family play space with our range of chic patterns, paired with an authentic wood or stone effect. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can create your own style within your home office.

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19th Nov 20

hickory wood plank lvt flooring in home office with desk

Using borders and zones

Whether you are in need of a home office for the first time ever, or multiple people in your household are now finding the need for a cosy nook in which to work from home, a great way to utilise existing space is to use zones in flooring.

This open plan living/dining space has been transformed into a home office using our Dovetail Lavastone in a rug effect alongside our MSeries Highland Natural Plank. What’s great about using zones is that you can still have that free, open plan living feel in your home whilst also having a dedicated work area to motivate your creativity. In addition, if a home office is no longer needed, it can be transformed once again into a dining room area, perfect for dinner parties and encouraging family meals around the table.

dark grey patterned lvt flooring with wood planks in dining room

Choosing the right multifunctional space

If we’re being honest, it is easy to stay in bed or cosy up on the sofa whilst we work from home, although this isn’t always the best idea for separating home and work-life, or for our posture! As we adapt to the current climate, it is definitely beneficial to consider what space might work best to work in – even if this sometimes means switching up from the sofa. Our top tips for choosing a multifunctional work from home space are:

1. Choose somewhere that has the most natural light to make you feel more energised and productive – it can be hard to get that motivation going from home, so make sure you are doing everything to benefit your energy levels.

2. Choose a space that is calming and has little external noise – maybe your kitchen space isn’t used once the kids are at school, so that might be a great place to pop on your own motivational music or have some mindful quiet time to work.

3. Clear your workspace, even if it is just for office hours- if the only nook you can find is usually a bit cluttered, be sure to clear a dedicated space for your work so you can easily access everything you need for the workday and not get distracted.

This kitchen breakfast bar uses our lovely Check Blue design to create a fresh and uplifting space. After a hearty breakfast before work, the surface can be cleared to make way for temporary desk space. Plus, natural lighting means a clearer picture for meeting video calls.

blue check pattern kitchen flooring lvt

Reimagining spaces

We love seeing updates from our customers as their interior style evolves and changes over the years, yet their Harvey Maria floor remains a classic feature throughout. Finding the perfect workspace can be about rethinking existing rooms and thinking about the ways to maximise space without a desk taking over the whole house! Many of us have been dusting off our old desks and thinking about which features might complement our existing interior schemes. Below, this beautiful modern-rustic bedroom has been styled with our MSeries Natural Plank Hickory, blending traditional and modern features perfectly to refresh this corner workspace.

wood effect plank lvt flooring in home office nook with wooden desk