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Easy interior project ideas to refresh your home

As we move towards new beginnings and we’re starting to open up our homes once more, we’ve been thinking about little projects to help refresh our interior spaces in time for the summer months. Whether there’s a certain room that you’re ready to renovate, or you’re looking for inspiration for decorating on a budget, today’s blog will take a look at 6 easy interior project ideas that you can start planning today.

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19th May 21

grey stone effect lvt flooring in modern home

Utilise space

One easy way to transform any room is to think about the best use of space and how to utilise it. Start off with researching the best storage options that will not only act as a practical choice but will also blend beautifully with your interior style. For example, if your interior style is mainly modern-rustic, consider upcycling crates to make shelving, or using wooden benches as another level of storage. Flooring is a great way to create a sense of space in any sized room – pattern creates an eye-catching look and the right design can really pull together an interior scheme. Discover our designer collections such as Northmore, pictured below, and collaborations with Neisha Crosland and Dee Hardwicke for more inspiration.

pembroke lsate kitchen flooring encaustic tiles

Implement a new colour scheme

A simple yet effective way of giving any space a refresh is thinking through a colour subtle colour scheme, to reflect current trends or seasons. In last week’s blog post we discussed how to incorporate pastels into your interior spaces, which could be as simple as adding textiles, blending with neutral colours such as white walls or earthy grey flooring or choosing cushions and decorations that complement a piece of statement furniture. We love Check Slate, pictured below, alongside the light blue wall.

black and white check pattern lvt floor in modern bathroom

Experiment with light

Lighting is key to creating an atmosphere in your interior space. Let light flood in through large open windows for a contemporary spring-like feel, or alternatively, opt for warm lamps and subtle lighting to create a cosy sense of ‘hygge’. We recommend ordering a free physical sample of our floor tiles prior to purchasing so they can be viewed in the room they will be laid so you can get a feel for the tone of the tile within that space. There’s also no need to stop at just your home – why not continue into the garden with festoon lights, creating a flow from indoor to outdoor spaces.

stone effect lvt flooring in modern living room with yellow chair

Create an inspiring entranceway

Entranceways can really help to set the tone of the interior style throughout your home and are the first impression of any visitor. Hallway styling has become increasingly popular, with many interior bloggers snapping their favourite doorways on Instagram and creating statement looks within their own homes. One easy way to transform this space is through flooring. Our range of patterned designs add a real statement look and the variety of colourways available allow you to add a pop of colour or experiment with monochrome styles. We especially love adding a checkerboard floor to your hallway, as pictured below with Squares Stove Black and Linen White.

chequerboard monochrome hallway flooring

Add personality

We love seeing our customers going bold with different flooring options that really help bring out their personality and reflect their personal style within their homes. Have fun with colour and pattern, such as Dovetail Ink Black as featured below, or opt for contrast with soothing wood tones in your living space. Other ways to reflect your personality within your home are through furnishings and decor such as photo frames, textiles, coffee table reads and artwork.

black and white geometric lvt flooring in modern kitchen

Draw inspiration from classic design

The Northmore collection is inspired by mid-19th century design, taking the look of classic encaustic tiles and reimagining them for the modern-day. If you’re looking to add more character to your home, Northmore is a great choice that brings authentic Victorian design to both traditional and contemporary interiors. The unique decorative pattern and authentic patina make a statement in larger and smaller spaces such as bathrooms for an eye-catching design that can transform any room instantly. We love Northmore Sable Black, featured below, which is extremely practical as well as being super stylish.

black and white patterned lvt flooring with wood planks and armchair