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Flooring trends to look out for in summer 2022

With the first signs of summer arriving, we’re looking forward to exploring the top flooring trends for the season, ready for your next renovation project. From trending colours to the stylish patterns that we’re currently saving on our socials, this blog will be looking at our favourites.

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01st May 22

blue patterned lvt flooring with baskets and chair

Expressive colour

Incorporating more colourful tones that embody positive emotions and express our own personal style is set to continue this summer with many of our customers opting for a new Luxury Vinyl floor to switch up their interior space ready for the sunnier seasons. Emerging from ‘dopamine dressing’ – fashion that’s all about being confident and colourful as predicted by Pinterest in 2022 – we’re seeing the colour trend reflected too in our interior choices. Colour can set the ambience for a room, a perfect way to make a more homely and inviting feel in open-plan spaces.

Consider trending colours such as deep blues, nature-inspired greens and soft yellows that capture the essence of summer. Alternatively, contrast natural materials with colourful decor such as styling one of our MSeries floors with patterned colourful wallpaper. If you’re looking to add colour but are also a lover of neutrals, why not opt for a pastel-toned floor to brighten up your interior space such as Parquet Washed Blue from the new Parquet 2.0 collection?

light blue parquet pattern lvt flooring with sofa

Coastal Grandma

Last year we saw the rise of Cottagecore – the trend focused on carefree living and a newfound appreciation for nature, enjoying the simple things in life and taking elements of idyllic country living, whether you live in the town or countryside. This year, we’re seeing more and more blue and white tones, with ‘Coastal Grandma’ set to be the trend to watch, embodying similarities to cottagecore style with a beachside cottage twist. ‘Coastal Grandma’ takes inspiration from gorgeous beachfront house styles that reflect a relaxed luxe feel with minimalist sea-inspired palettes.

We’re loving trending blue tones this season – Northmore Waterhouse Blue is the perfect addition to your home, with its authentic patina effect and intricate design inspired by traditional ceramic tiles adding a sense of luxe that reflects the trend perfectly. Investing in key pieces such as luxury flooring help to create an effortlessly elegant feel.

blue and white patterned lvt floor in rustic pantry

Natural light

As we continue to enjoy the longer summer evenings and bright mornings, rooms designed to capture the beauty of natural light make this the perfect time of year to enjoy time at home. Natural lighting can bring warmth to your home, so it’s important to consider this when planning a renovation project. We love how the rich and bold colours of our collections such as Pattern Larkspur are brought out with gorgeous golden sunshine pouring in.

Consider what kinds of materials will enhance the refreshing feel of your home. We love styling our tiles with feature pieces such as copper roll-top baths, chic stair runners and brass handles as they lift the space and reflect light, especially when used to contrast with elegant monochrome and rich-toned designs.

blue and white patterned bathroom lvt flooring

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light blue parquet patterned flooring with headphones

Luxe space to escape

Creating a luxury feel in our homes is something we’re seeing trending on Tiktok at the moment, with many users showcasing how they are making the most of their space. Creating a sense of luxe in spaces to escape is a trend we’re loving this year, and what better way to transform any sized space than to experiment with a colourful or patterned floor tile.

Pinterest predicts ‘emotional escape rooms’ as a trend for 2022, with search terms such as ‘tiny library room’ up 12% showing our desire for more personal interiors tailored to our lifestyle and emotional needs. Whether you love the look of an elegant monochrome music corner, cosy book nook or spa-inspired minimalist bathroom, now is the time to create your own style with luxury flooring.

wood plank lvt flooring in living room with yellow chair