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Floors For Thought: Colour Clash

Add a touch of artistic flair to floors with our bold Colours Collection!

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30th Aug 16

tangerine dream lvt flooring with colourful accessories

From Sangria Red to a pop of Plum, our bold and beautiful vinyl tiles are guaranteed to add a dramatic splash of vivid colour to homes, whilst also being as easy to lay as they are to clean.

Available in 13 cool colourways, the bright floor coverings will bring fun and vitality to any space, and with so many shades to choose from it’s even easier to find the right colour to suit your individual taste and lifestyle. For that extra wow, why not mix it up by combining contrasting tiles to create a classic checkerboard floor? Or go bold and bright with a stunning block-coloured floor.

Take inspiration from our latest #FloorsForThought and ensure your home oozes imagination with pops of contrasting colours! And if you’re feeling particularly brave, why not mix-and-match two colours together – we’ve gone for Tangerine Dream and Mountbatten Blue!

orange and blue lvt floor tiles with colourful accessories